Super-Duper Easy Tool Converting Text into English Speech, Really!


This platform is one of my favorite and the possibilities for lesson activities are unlimited! I especially love the use in frontloading activities and flipped classrooms. Find it here:

Excerpt screenshot:

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Using Technology to Assist Struggling English Learners


More at Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs

Research Brief: Social media’s impact in an English language classroom


An interesting study found at

Great Tools for the English Classroom: Immersive Reader MICROSOFT LEARNING TOOLS


Video and info at

Great For Novice English Learners Acquiring Content Language: 20+ Emoji Activities and Resources for Teaching Math, Science, and English


Find at

English Lessons: Free Messenger and Video Chatting App Safe For Kids


Kids love social media. They enjoy the ability to get in touch with one another with their digital device and to hold video chats. However, using them in teaching could open the door to dangerous exposure to predators on the WWW. There is now a new App that opens security so that social media can be used in teaching. Use it for flipped classrooms or for web-enhanced classroom activities. Check out the new app, excerpt:

Safer and More Fun Video Calls and Messaging

Messenger Kids is a free video calling and messaging app designed for kids to connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone. Kids can only connect with parent-approved contacts, which creates a more controlled environment. Group or one-on-one video calls with loved ones are more fun with interactive masks, reactions and sound effects.

Find more info at

Flipping the Class English Lesson During Class


Is this a contradiction?  No, not really.  How and why should it be done?  Read more in How I In-class Flipped a Boring Language Lesson at

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