Culture Corner: US students might be ‘savvy’ online readers, but overall progress is stagnant


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Interesting New Research: We can recognize speakers only from how faces move when talking



Jesse points out, “Speech perception is a really difficult task — and recognizing who the speaker is can help with it. One thing this research shows is that we’re not done as adults with learning, we are constantly learning about the new speakers we meet. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to recognize from listening alone what a speaker says and who they are, as does recognizing faces from static features.”

She adds, “We already know that as we get older, seeing a speaker becomes more important for recognizing what they are saying. Based on our study though, we think that seeing a speaker may also become more important for recognizing who is talking to us, which then may have an indirect effect on speech perception, as well.”

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The Power of Story for ELLs and Newcomers: Identity and Empathy


Storytell, a cultural practice around the world. A powerful bonding tool. Why are we not using it more? Find here some ideas for lessons and more information at

Webinar Recording: Intercultural Exchanges and Projects for Language Learners, American TESOL Webinar


By the wonderful Shelly Terrell at

Culturally Responsive Schools: How Does Racism Manifest Itself?


Check out the lowest section of the pyramid and reflect where you and your organization stand on the mentioned issues:


Super Easy Template For English Language Essay Writing



What English Language Phrases Can be Linked to Shakespeare?



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