Unpredictable English!


A great example for the crazy spelling of English:

The New Professional Development: Microcredentials



What is it and what can it do? Microcredentials are a great new way to approach skill acquisition without earning degrees or certification.  Read more in this publication: Customizing Professional Development Through Microcredentials at http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2017/04/26/customizing-professional-development-through-microcredentials.html

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School Have to Make Up For Language Gaps in Homes


Many children have so much stacked against them.  Their reading skills and thus their access to education are often limited in their home lives.  Read Low-income children missing out on language learning both at home and at school at https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/04/170414105818.htm



Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part Four


By  found at  http://engagingparentsinschool.edublogs.org/2017/04/24/aprils-2017-useful-parent-engagement-resources-part-four/.  Check the practical resources

English Writing Instruction: Improve Drafts


Reblogged from:  5 Strategies for Improving Writing Instruction

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Preparing Your Students for Work and Interviews in the USA? What do You Need to Tell Them?


Culturally, there are huge differences on how different countries conduct their interview process. Preparing your students is important.  Read One Thing You Must Know Before Your Job Interview with American Companies  at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/one-thing-you-must-know-before-your-job-interview-rebuffet-broadus to learn more

English Science Lesson Plans: Free NASA Resources


Just out: NASA MAKES THEIR ENTIRE MEDIA LIBRARY PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE AND COPYRIGHT FREE at http://www.diyphotography.net/nasa-makes-entire-media-library-publicly-accessible-copyright-free/


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