Immigrants in USA and “THE” Question


As an immigrant, I am asked this question daily.  I usually answer with my place of residence but then there is the follow-up question: Where are you ‘really’ from? Try another question.  This is also the title of an interesting reading found at


The 8 Best Audio/Video News and Current Affairs Websites to Learn English


Using authentic materials to learn English has many benefits.  However, which sites are best suited for classroom use?  Find 8 examples here at

Learn English Content Language: Virtually Visit Famous Museums


Great resource in Google Arts & Culture at

Learning English: A Compiled List of Collective Nouns


Interesting collection of words that require additional memorization effort, find it here:

How to Use Bilingual Books in Your School


Find more info in How To Use Bilingual Books with Children | Bilingual Kidspot at


The Role of Culture in Globalization and Employment


Globalization requires special skills in dealing with the innovators and employees.  Excerpt:

Common practices make collaborating globally far easier. And they can be a source of competitive advantage. But our research shows that wise leaders focus on the intent of the practice, not the specifics, and encourage adaptation and experimentation to ensure that the practice achieves the desired benefits. Companies that get this right are likely to find that their people are more effective and happier at work. And ultimately, giving employees the space to experiment in this way allows them to come up with new innovations that can be shared elsewhere.

Read more in Research: Why Best Practices Don’t Translate Across Cultures at

For Your School and Class Library: Books About Girl Refugees


Read Seeking Safety in a New Land: 15 Books About Mighty Girl Refugees at


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