Podcast: How to Plan Effective English Classroom Discussions


Listen to or read a good practical discussion on how to conduct effective discussions at https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/speaking-listening-techniques/


Teaching International Students in English Classrooms: The Problem With Positive Stereotypes


We talk much about negative stereotypes and their impact on learning. However, even positive stereotypes can negatively impact student performance. Find more at https://wordpress.com/post/broadyesl.wordpress.com/27733

99% of Surveyed Teachers Want PD for ESL


This, according to a survey. Read more about the grave need for training at https://www.languagemagazine.com/2017/12/09/more_pd/

How to Improve your English with YouTube


I love to use YouTube for English learning. Find here some ways on how to do it at http://oxfordhousebcn.com/en/how-to-improve-your-english-with-youtube/

Refugee Corner: A Poem


This poem will make you think, please share widely

Screenshot 2018-01-24 09.40.12


English Lessons: Building Background Knowledge


Anchor Charts and Visualizations are great ways to assist students to connect new words and concepts to their already present neuropathways. See an example here:

Screenshot 2018-01-30 14.39.20Screenshot 2018-01-30 14.39.54

Being Bilingual May Be A Plus For Kids With Autism


A new reason to encourage families with children on the autism spectrum to maintain their heritage language(s) is that bilingual children on the spectrum perform better in tasks, according to a study. Find the info at https://www.disabilityscoop.com/2018/01/16/being-bilingual-plus-autism/24597/

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