Working With Visual Texts: Tapping Into Student Passions


Good tips at


Culture Corner: Special Rites of Passage in China


When working with Chinese heritage families and students, it is important to understand their culture. Find some facts here at

What you put on your classroom walls can affect your students’ ability to learn


As you may remember, I always promote keeping the spaces as open as possible and only put up materials that directly relate to (a) what we teach and (b) the student populations representing them all. More on classroom deco at

US Department of Education Study: Response to Intervention Falls Short


An important publication to read for ESL educators to make a case to your administration. More here

Archive of 6,000 English Language Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online


Are you in need of books and materials but you lack money to purchase them? Maybe this link will help you out.

Writing Corner: English Sentence Fragments and Avoiding Them


What are they and how can we avoid them? Teach your students how to hot fall into the sentence fragment trap. Find more info here.

Critical Pedagogy and Creating Spaces


Read Intercultural Dialogue Partners: Creating Space for Difference and Dialogue to learn about it

Share with your colleagues: The Economic Benefits of Latino Immigration: How the Migrant Hispanic Population’s Demographic Characteristics Contribute to US Growth


It is important to let your communities know how Latinos in the USA benefit our economy, More here

12 English Email Acronyms You Should Know; With Definitions and Examples


Do you use or teach emailing? If so, you may want to brush up on the most widely used acronyms here

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