The Role and Possibilities of Adaptive Learning in English Classrooms


What is adaptive learning and how can you garner its power to increase learning for ALL students? Larn the answers in Adaptive learning can help students learn English, but few schools are using it at


Dual Credit Programs That Work


All too often, dual credit for college and high school do not deliver the promised skills. How can this situation be improved? Read more about it here at

The Most Underutilized Tool in English Language Classrooms: Screencasts


Frontloading academic content and outsourcing activities low on Bloom’s Taxonomy free your class time up for using and applying the new content, thus allowing you to use such activities as formative assessments with the goal to know who masters the content by the end of your lesson. Teacher-created screencasts are great tools to achieve frontloading personalized for your course and lesson content. How can you create them and which tools can you use? Find answers at

Enriching Academic Vocabulary: Strategies for Teaching Tier Two Words to E.L.L. Students: A Lesson Plan


Published buy LARRY FERLAZZO at

What Are Microaggressions and How Can Your School Avoid Them?


Do you know what microaggressions are and do you engage in using them? If you do not know, please read some examples and ponder with your colleagues how you and your school can avoid them. More at

TESOL International Association Policy Manual Affiliate Network Policy


An important policy for TESOL affiliates at


English Lesson Planning: A Communicative Way to Teach Future Tense


Find the lesson plan at

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