MAP Testing in Spanish?


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Did you know that in 2019 NWEA added a free option to their MAP suite of benchmark assessments for testing students in Spanish? I had no idea! ELLs who are native-Spanish speakers can be tested in English and Spanish on the reading and math growth tests as well as the reading fluency test. The purpose of this addition is to provide equitable opportunities for students to demonstrate learning while helping educators access student understandings of foundational concepts.

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Supporting Content Learning and Language Development Through Performance Assessment


Kentucky English Learners

ELLs do not learn language skills in isolation. Language development and content learning go hand-in-hand. Therefore, students must be provided opportunities to make sense of linguistically complex texts, engage in academic conversations with speaking and writing, develop academic language in different disciplines, and apply knowledge and skills, while appropriate scaffolds to support English Language Proficiency (ELP) are in place. These same opportunities and scaffolds should be provided to ELLs during performance assessments when they provide evidence of learning through tangible products or performance.

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Support Newcomers with YouTube’s Auto Translate Feature


Kentucky English Learners

When new students arrive in American schools with no English, it can be challenging for students and teachers alike. Using a student’s home language for communication is a must! Since many teachers use YouTube videos for instruction, it may be helpful to translate the video’s closed captions from English into a student’s home language. Of course, this only works for students who can read in their home language. Thankfully, a former EL student taught me this trick today to support one of my Newcomers from Mexico. Kids are great teachers! All it took was turning on closed captions and selecting another language in settings.

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Tips for Welcoming Newcomers


Kentucky English Learners

Today I welcomed my first two Newcomers of the school year. I was so excited! I tried to be prepared, not knowing what to expect, and found some great resources. Here’s one video with helpful tips to welcome Newcomers.

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Children’s Books That Celebrate Muslim Culture


It is Ramadan and your Muslim kids’ families are dominated by fasting. Why not support the kids by providing some books in your school or class library so that non-Muslims can learn more about Muslim lives?

“Whether you’re from a Muslim family looking for more representation in children’s literature, or a teacher or parent of non-Muslim children wanting to better understand and celebrate Muslim culture, there are so many wonderful storytellers in the kids’ lit community who have contributed to essential, diverse narratives that pay homage to the rich history and vibrant present of this community.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite children’s books that feature Muslim protagonists, celebrate Muslim culture, and illustrate Islamic traditions – perfect for reading during Ramadan, Eid, and all year long.” link:

Get to Know a Country Better: 50 Beautiful Images of Ukraine


Come and Joins us for an Exciting Conference in Madrid, Spain (April 2022)


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Why is it important to say Kyiv and not Kiev?


Be an ally for Ukrainians. Language matters!

Vetted Resources About Ukraine


List of Teaching Resources:

Language Matters: ‘Migrants’? ‘Refugees’? Terminology Is Contested, Powerful, and Evolving


About binary expressions and what their consequences

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