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New Focus Bulletin: Supporting Dual Language Learners

This bulletin is the second in a series that builds on the foundational information delivered in WIDA Focus on the Early Years: Dual Language Learners. In this second part, we look at what Early Years Programs can do to support young dual language learners and their families.  The concepts come alive through the examples and reflections provided by various early care and education practitioners and administrators from Massachusetts. Questions for reflection are included to support practitioners and program leaders in thinking about effective language supports, partner with families of DLLs, and the language policies.

Focus on the Early Years – Supporting Dual Language Learners  (March, 2015)

Focus on the Early Years – Dual Language Learners  (August, 2014)

Baby Brains, the Mindblowing Language Learning Super Machines


It is amazing, what complex constructs baby brains can already process.  For more on this, read “Adjectives, Social Cues, Screens and More: What Scientists Know About Baby Brains” at

Chinese Tourists Perceived Abroad: Media Discussion


Interesting debate in Asian social media.  Check it out here:

This reminds me of the string of YouTube videos called “What Asian are You” making fun of the fact that non-Asians often do not differentiate between Asians of different heritage cultures and countries.  May this above report attest to regional differences and stereotypes…

The Connection Between a World View and a Specific Language and How Both Change From Language to Language


Interesting reading and something all of us multilinguals can attest to:  “Speaking a second language may change how you see the world”.  Read more here:

TESOL Technology Standards Framework


Important for all teachers!  Link to it here:

Improve Your Writing: Phrases Often Used Incorrectly


For advanced English learners, commonly used US-English phrases and how to use them correctly:

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