Recognizing Gifted English Learners


2E (twice exceptional learners) are in a disadvantage. First, English learners are difficult to text for exceptionality in G/T. And second, many teachers do not know what to do with them, once identified. Read more at


Teaching Students With Dyslexia: A Font to Use


Assist your studentsScreenshot 2018-11-26 08.08.04.png by using this font:


A Tough Topic: Immigrating with a learning disability


How will learners be identified? Read Immigrating with a learning disability at

Universal Design for English Learning Differentiation


Universal Design is a great way to approach differentiation for learners with various needs. The website offers resources for each situation. Find more info on UDL and ESL in Why UDL Matters for English Language Learners at


Special Education and ELLs: Policy and Guidelines


A much-needed update for educators at

Being Bilingual May Be A Plus For Kids With Autism


A new reason to encourage families with children on the autism spectrum to maintain their heritage language(s) is that bilingual children on the spectrum perform better in tasks, according to a study. Find the info at

Resources for Teaching English Learners With Dyslexia


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