“A different language is a different vision of life”
“Une différente langue est une vision différente de la vie”

— Federico Fellini


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General Introduction

Christel Broady, Edupreneur, committed to a sustainable world for all in the 21st century via global education, technology, and language.

Dr. Christel Broady, Professor and Director of ESL Programs at Georgetown College, is a leader at TESOL International and KYTESOL, as well as the Owner of an English Learning and Technology Community of Practice with members in 179 countries:

Her area of specialization is how to effectively use technology in:

  • Language/ELT instruction
  • Teacher training
  • Collaboration and
  • Creating and managing professional learning communities

Dr. Broady’s professional leadership includes regional, state, national, and global positions. Examples include president of and board member on the KYTESOL, steering board member of the TESOL Video and Digital Media as well as the Elementary Education IS (globally), TESOL International/NCATE USA ESL program reviewer, Chair of the TESOL International Elementary Education IS (globally), and multiple other positions. Dr. Broady believes that educators need to be professional leaders in order to present the latest in the discipline and mold the status.

Dr. Broady’s list of publications and presentations is extensive. It includes regional, national, and international talks, teacher professional developments, and workshops. Among many other honors, she was chosen by TESOL International as an affiliate’s best presentation.

Professional honors Dr. Broady has received over the past 20 years range from workplace service rewards at several institutions, professional recognitions, to multiple awards from KYTESOL and TESOL International, such as the TESOL International leadership award, and WIDA featured educator. Dr. Broady is proud of her teaching and advising awards and nominations by students received at different institutions as well as of being selected to represent her home state and TESOL International at the 2012 Advocacy Day at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.


Selective Examples of Professional Leadership

  • President and board member  at KYTESOL  http://kytesol.org
  • 2011/2012 Chair and steering board member of TESOL International world-wide  Elementary IS http://tesol.org
  • 2013-present steering board member of TESOL International world-wide  Video and Digital Media IS http://tesol.org
  • Nominating Committee and Representative for TESOL to CAEP http://caepnet.org/
  • Program Reviewer TESOL College Teacher Training Programs NCATE/CAEP http://caepnet.org/


Professor, Georgetown College, Kentucky employed at GC since 2002  http://georgetowncollege.edu

Miscellaneous Webpages

Twitter: GeorgetownESL
LinkedIn: Christel Broady
Technology BLOG: http://digitallearningandteaching.wordpress.com/

Examples of the places I visited:

Wordle: TESOL presentation


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