Using Fake Text Messages to Create Learning Activities in English Lessons


An excellent step-by-step plan reposted by Nik Peachy at


English Lesson Planning: Make PDF Texts into Interactive Online Activities for Blended Learning


Excellent instructions at

Great for Your English Class: Comic Strip Creation with Free Template


Great tool for all levels:

A New Tool to Send Voice Messages in Your English Classes


Cool platform:

Using Facebook Live to Teach Your ESL Students


Teachers are discovering the power of FB Live in times of snow days as described in this story. However, we all should think about using it also for flipped classrooms and frontloading materials. The videos can be watched live and students can ask questions. Teachers can create private FB groups to protect all member’s privacy. Also, the videos are archived and can be watched asynchronously. This feature works well when students have trouble accessing the session live. Check it out yourself and read one teacher’s story here at

Using Videos Effectively in English Teaching


Great tips on what you can do (excerpt) from Nik Peachy:

  • Add subtitles to videos
  • Trim the length to focus on specific sections.
  • Resize and loop
  • Add meme text to video
  • Add sound effects
  • Create stop motion video


Spice Up Your English Lesson Planning


Find great ideas from a publication by the wonderful Shelly Sanchez Terrell in Learning to Go: Lesson Ideas for Teaching with Mobile Devices, Cell Phones, and BYOT at Challenge yourself to trying something new!

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