Resources for English Learners and Technology: Digital Citizenship


A fantastic collection of resources at


Using Augmented Reality With English Learners


An interesting report at

Tech Tools to Develop English Language Vocabulary Activities


Drilling can be fun!  Use the platforms for flipped classrooms at home or in class at

Easy-to-use Online Vocabulary Games Generator

Easy Lesson Differentiation


Great tips and great use of technology in 5 Quick and easy adaptations for students with learning differences. Read more at


Motivating And Practical English Writing Lesson Plan Activities


Excellent ideas and platforms in 4 Tools to Inspire Perseverance in Student Writers at

How to learn English with podcasts


Using technology for learning is always a good idea since our learners love technology and we can tap into deeper processing with it.  Find the practical ideas at

Using Technology to Connect With your English Learners Outside of Class


Find the list in 15 of the best apps to engage students outside the classroom at

Excellent for front-loading, background-building, and more.

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