Using Authentic News in an English Lesson


A practical discussion at


Teaching Your English Learners How to be Assertive While Being Polite


While learning a language, many students struggle with the correct cultural tone when communicating with native speakers. In US culture, what is polite and assertive? REad more here and how you can teach this skills in Modeling Assertiveness With Students at

Quizlet Live: Four Activities for Speaking and Listening Practice


Practical tips at

Teaching Pronunciation to English Learners: Why and How


As an English learner myself, I can attest that accents can have an effect on how native speakers respond to us. Some accents also interfere with comprehension. Therefore, I would always advocate for teaching pronunciation to language learners. Read more about how to do this at

English Literacy Development and The Use of Technology: A Study About Speech Recognition Apps


Read more about interesting research on the use of SIRI and how it can boost literacy:  Speech recognition apps can improve literacy, MU study finds Find at

Video: Proprioception in learning new sounds, words and connected speech


Find at Excerpt:

What is the best way to teach pronunciation to your students? In this animated and practical seminar, Adrian Underhill demonstrates the proprioceptive approach and how it can help your classes.

I saw this speaker life at a conference and he is amazing. Please check out his work and videos!

English Lesson Activity and Authentic Culture


Find here authentic culture pictures taken in the USA for use in speaking and writing activities. There are great to compare and contrast to the students’ home lives and to authentically use English. You may use them to talk about mealtimes, families, and more. Find the photos at Photographer Shows How Different Dinnertime Looks Across The USA at

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