The Power of Story for ELLs and Newcomers: Identity and Empathy


Storytell, a cultural practice around the world. A powerful bonding tool. Why are we not using it more? Find here some ideas for lessons and more information at


Lesson Planning Corner: English Listening Materials


Great resources for English Lessons:

Oh, The Possibilities For English Instruction! Transform Articles Into Videos in Minutes


Add a listening component to reading by doing this (excerpt):

Enter a blog post or RSS feed and the Lumen5 artificial intelligence system will help you summarize the content and match each scene with relevant videos, photos, and music.


Find here:

Teaching Authentic English: 6 TED Talks about failing forward


Failure is an important aspect of human and cognitive development. Find here some great TED talks at

A New Tool to Send Voice Messages in Your English Classes


Cool platform:

Quizlet Live: Four Activities for Speaking and Listening Practice


Practical tips at

English Lesson Revitalization With Digital Audio Tools


Find excellent ideas to use audio in new and exciting ways in your language classes at

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