The 8 Best Audio/Video News and Current Affairs Websites to Learn English


Using authentic materials to learn English has many benefits.  However, which sites are best suited for classroom use?  Find 8 examples here at

Learn English Content Language: Virtually Visit Famous Museums


Great resource in Google Arts & Culture at

How to Use Bilingual Books in Your School


Find more info in How To Use Bilingual Books with Children | Bilingual Kidspot at


ELT: Teaching Young Learners


Hand puppets are a great way to get young learners to speak and act out scenarios.  Find here a super-easy way for crafting those puppets.  Read Paper Cup Pop-up Puppet at

ELT Lesson Planning Tips: Concept-Mapping


A practical approach with examples:  Drawing on Ideas for Language Learners at


Lesson Planning Tool: Attribute Charts


Check out a presentation about them at

English Learning: Converting Video Activities Into Formative Assessment


Do not reply on comprehension.  Instead, measure it!  Read more about how to do it in Close Viewing Protocol at

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