Lesson Planning Corner: English Listening Materials


Great resources for English Lessons: https://listenwise.com/


Great for ESL Classrooms and Libraries


A large chart as a visual reminder what our students need to master in addition to English:  Writing Systems of the World. Find at https://usefulcharts.com/products/writing-systems-of-the-world

Culture Corner: English Language Ramadan Resources


For your culturally responsive classrooms. Acknowledge the reality of the currently observed Ramadan that has a huge impact on your Muslim students and their communities. Find resources here:



10 Books from Spanish Authors to Read in English or Spanish


Get these for your school libraries: https://www.languagemagazine.com/2018/04/23/to-celebrate-world-book-day-spanish-language-day-and-english-language-day-10-books-from-spanish-authors-to-read-in-english-or-spanish/

Poetry About Refugees


Read first top-down and then bottom-up:

Screenshot 2018-05-03 11.28.35

Book Corner: A Book, Every ESL and Mainstream Teacher Should Get


You absolutely should order this book from TESOL and use it in your school community. It is very inexpensive and offers so many ideas and resources! Read more in “TESOL Unveils its Six Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners” at https://www.languagemagazine.com/2018/03/15/tesol-unveils-its-six-principles-for-exemplary-teaching-of-english-learners/

From the TESOL site http://www.tesol.org/the-6-principles/:

Screenshot 2018-05-01 10.13.57

Library of Congress Celebrates Hispanic Literature (and Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Náhuatl, Zapotec, Aymara, English, and Dutch)


Make use of the great resources!


The physical collection consists of over 700 recordings and there are currently 50 available on the website. Over the next several years more will be made available for online public listening. The selection includes readings in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Náhuatl, Zapotec, Aymara, English, and Dutch from some of the most renowned writers from the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America, the Caribbean and U.S. Hispanics/Latinos.

Find at https://www.languagemagazine.com/2015/09/29/library-of-congress-celebrates-hispanic-literature/

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