Digital Feedback. Why? When? How?



I am a big friend od digital work submissions and feedback.  However, many teachers and students do not know how to do either activity sufficiently.  Keep your work on the cloud and share it effortlessly with one another.  See comments in real time.  Try it sometime!  Read more here at

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How Does Trauma Affect Learners?


It is important to recognize how the stress of trauma impacts your classroom learners. Read more in Brains in Pain Cannot Learn! at

How Far $25 for Dinner Goes Around the World


Do you know?  See details here at

8 Strange German Food Habits That Americans Will Never Understand


And from my home culture:

Teachers, Lifelong Learners: What Do You Know About Gaming?


Read Why Adults Should Love Game-Based Learning at

Great ESL Resource Place


Oklahoma TESOL: check it out!–resources.html

Immigrants in the USA: L1 Language Maintance of Heritage Languages


What will the future hold for L1 in families?  Read Study Finds Spanish Fading in Hispanic Homes at

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