Guide for Immigrant Families: Raising Teens


Where you can find it:

What it contains:

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What Should Educators Know About DACA? Downloadable Fact Sheet


ExcellentDACA Termination FAQ (1) resource for schools and communities:


About Personal Identity and Language: Mother tongue, the lost inheritance of diaspora


Every native speaker living in a new language community can relate to the sense of language community and enjoying the use of the own mother tongue. Read more at

Research States: Immigrant parents, refugees face greater mental health challenges; Kids’ learning at risk


What research states at

Kids Count: Immigrants and Their Children Face Challenges on Path to Opportunity


What is in their path and what can everyone do?  More at

Don’t Be Surprised if Your Immigrant Families Are Disappearing From Social Media Channels


Homeland Security will now begin to monitor social media of immigrants, residents, naturalized citizens, and all who associate with them.  More in US Homeland Security Will Start Collecting Social Media Info on All Immigrants October 18th at

Spanish Immigrants and the Maintenance of Spanish Through Generations


Interesting report in Spanish fluency in the U.S. decreases with each generation at

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