How Can You Learn About Other Cultures? Study Abroad. Well, or Not.


Do you always have to actually go out of the country to learn in-depth about other cultures?  Are there ways to achieve the same objectives in your own country and community?  Yes, it is possible, according to Students ‘study abroad’ with immigrant families in the US at  Interesting podcast and reading!

Families: The Essential Part of School Success


We all know that a strong school/home connection is important for student’s success.  Read more about this issue in How Parents Widen—or Shrink—Academic Gaps at–or-shrink–academic-gaps.html?cmp=eml-eb-popweek+04282017&M=57967721&U=1982644

Another piece of data from the publication states this:

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Find a great excerpt here in the blow infographic:


School Have to Make Up For Language Gaps in Homes


Many children have so much stacked against them.  Their reading skills and thus their access to education are often limited in their home lives.  Read Low-income children missing out on language learning both at home and at school at



Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part Four


By  found at  Check the practical resources

Being Racist While Trying to Not to Be


In many situations, our communities try to address racism and in doing so, create other forms of marginalization.  Read 6 ways allies still marginalize people of color — and what to do instead at to learn

Are There Biases Toward Certain Accents in Non-Native English Speakers?


What do you think?  Do you have any of them?  Read  Managing Accent Bias and Working with Multilingual Individuals at

An Asian Perspective on Racial Bias


Interesting perspectives found in I’m Not Tiny Because I’m Asian, I’m Tiny Because You’re White at

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