Get to Know Your English Learners: How Traumatized Children See the World, According to Their Drawings


Find disturbing images at


What Schools Cannot Fix But Need to Address: Brains in Pain Cannot Learn!


All of us teachers know that children in pain cannot learn. What can we do to help them? More at

A Map shows “Merry Christmas” in many languages


Learn how to say Merry Christmas to your transcultural Christian students. Find the info at

What has the child’s neighborhood got to do with school achievement? See for yourself!


Important facts for educators in the article Detailed Maps Show How Neighborhoods Shape Children for Life at

4 ways to teach empathy in the English classroom


Try those 4 now and others later. Find information at

ESL Corner: Why cultural understanding is essential


How much do teachers, even ESL teachers, know about their students’ culture?  Read here why such knowledge is so important for student success at

How language classes breed empathy


Who of us would not agree with the above statement? More at

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