Culture Minute: 8 things that drive French people nuts about American offices — and vice versa


Interesting differences in perspectives at


Cultural Knowledge: What The First Day Of School Looks Like Around The World


I am particularly interested in this topic since my birth country has very involved ceremonies and items associated with the first day of school.  At

Know Your World: Which Cities in Which Countries Are the Least Stressful?


Do you have a guess?  And what criteria were used to evaluate the ranking?  Do you agree with the criteria?  Here is the list and the way it was generated:

How Are US Citizens Perceived in Other Countries?


Well, I just saw a list generated by my relatives’ middle school English class and was shocked.  There was nothing complimentary on the list.  What do others think?  Find a list in 5 Ugly American Stereotypes You Can Learn From at

Do You Know How Your International Students and Families View Education?


Does it matter?  Of course, it does!  By connecting to the family’s frame of reference, you can expand and explain to them your system much better.  See some examples in 4 charts on how people around the world see education at Read it for yourself and you may be surprised!

Chinese Culture: Getting to Know Your Students’ Backgrounds


After my recent stay in China, I observed every day how many Chinese citizens are superstitious about things that have no relevance for Western cultures.  It may be useful to know more about it when serving Chinese immgrants in your schools.  More in Chinese mothers are still looking to superstition as well as science at

Culture in Nepal: Gender Issues


Read more and watch a video inNepal outlaws menstruation huts, but what will take their place? at

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