Practical “Back-to-School Communication With Parents” Ideas for ESL Classrooms



Find some great idea here in Back-to-School with EL Parents at



A Traumatized Brain Does Not Learn Easily: What Can Teachers Do?


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about the effects of trauma and what to do about it in classrooms

How Does Trauma Affect Learners?


It is important to recognize how the stress of trauma impacts your classroom learners. Read more in Brains in Pain Cannot Learn! at

What Impact Does the State of US Politics Have on Refugees?


Remembering that refugees already are traumatized by the events that brought them here after undergoing extreme vetting, what does the current state of politics do to refugees?  Read more at

When Elmo And Big Bird Talk To Refugees


About the difficulties of getting the true “story” about other perspectives.  Read more at


Another topic of discussion was how to help children understand the stress their caregivers are under.

“It’s very important to explain to children how parents feel about displacement, about losing their homes, about moving to a new country,” said Rabih El Chammay, a psychiatrist and head of the National Mental Health Program of Lebanon (where there are more than 1 million Syrian refugees). “Children notice what their parents go through but they don’t understand it. They get puzzled: ‘Why is Daddy shouting at me now? I didn’t do anything wrong.’ ”


Smartphone app lets user ‘walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes’


Excerpt:  The United Nations helped launch a smartphone app Tuesday that allows users to “walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes” by simulating the daily struggles of a fictional Rohingya Muslim who was forced to flee her home.

Great for staff training!

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What Effect Do Trauma and Poverty Have?


Be assured, research has proven that any stress and trauma have effects on the brain. Read more in How childhood stress can knock 20 years off your life at

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