Do You Know What the Term Refugee Means


Read a definition here as well as political implications

The Effect of Expressive Therapies on Refugee Children and Adolescents: Meta-Analytic Findings


Some research for those interested. Find it here

Article: Experiences and Education of Refugee Children at Home, in School, and in the Community


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Who Are Refugees and Asylum Seekers?


Learn eight facts here

UNHCR Teachers’ Toolkit for Refugees


A great resource for educators! At

Teaching About Refugee Issues: UNHCR Teachers’ Toolkit


Find here an excellent resource covering the following (excerpt):

In this UNHCR Teachers’ Toolkit you can find free-of-charge and adaptable UNHCR teaching materials on refugees, asylum, migration and statelessness, and a section dedicated to professional development and guidance for primary and secondary school teachers on including refugee children in their classes.

  1. Words matter
  2. Facts and figures about refugees
  3. UNHCR media materials and reports
  4. Teaching materials
  5. Including refugees in your classroom
  6. Other teaching resources


Study: Second language acquisition effects of a primary physical education intervention: A pilot study with young refugees



A physical education (PE) intervention for young refugees was designed combining physical activity within the context of primary PE games with second language learning activities in German. The intervention was based on theoretical implications from the field of second language acquisition and evidence for positive effects of physical activity on cognitive outcomes (e.g. language acquisition). The aim of this study was to analyze short term effects on second language acquisition.

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ESL Corner: Communicating with Rohingya Refugees


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In August 2018, Translators without Borders (TWB) surveyed a representative sample of refugees in the Kutupalong- Balukhali camp to better understand their language and information needs.

Learn what we found: 

Read and download the full report.

Read and download the report brief.

Let’s ask Refugees if we Want to Learn About Refugee Experiences


All too often, “specialists” talk ABOUT others without ever having walked in their shoes.  Specialists can learn a lot from reading and listening. However, living and feeling create a true depth of knowledge. Therefore, when we want to learn about issues, such as refugee-related ones, it would be great to listen to those who have the depth of knowledge about the topic. More at:

Second language acquisition effects of a primary physical education intervention: A pilot study with young refugees


It’s good to see some research on this topic at

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