Smartphone app lets user ‘walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes’


Excerpt:  The United Nations helped launch a smartphone app Tuesday that allows users to “walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes” by simulating the daily struggles of a fictional Rohingya Muslim who was forced to flee her home.

Great for staff training!

Find it here:


What Effect Do Trauma and Poverty Have?


Be assured, research has proven that any stress and trauma have effects on the brain. Read more in How childhood stress can knock 20 years off your life at

The Truth About How Emotional Pain Affects Your Body


Something to keep in mind about our learners.  Read more at

The Shifting Origins of Refugees to the USA Over Time


Source:  Lachin Hatemi

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When Students Have Space to Talk About Their Cultures


Make space for safe sharing.  Read more here:

Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff


What you need to know:

TESOL: Misconceptions About Immigrants and Refugees in the United States


Great and timely reading published by Judie Haynes at

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