How Art Can Help Children Overcome Trauma


Trauma has a huge impact on academic and emotional development.  Schools should be proactive in dealing with it.  Here is one avenue:

10 Things About Childhood Trauma Every Teacher Needs to Know


Important to consider:

How do Schools Integrate With Refugees: A Story


Read:  “Route to refugee success in schools. Districts provide intensive services to students and families who’ve fled their homeland”  at

Community Refugee Kid Initiative


Refugee Kids Put Down Roots With A Colorado Farm That Helps Them Grow

Brain circuits run their own clocks


A Song Written by Syrian Refugee Children


Hear Today I will not die – Muhammed Kahraman (Lyrics by Turgay Evren)

Serving ALL Students: How Trauma-Informed Teaching Builds A Sense of Safety And Care


Many teachers are faced with students who have a traumatic family background.  What strategies do you have to teach them?  Read more about this topic here at

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