The Science of L1: How babies learn the rules of language



Study report

How Existing Languages Help a Brain to Learn New Ones


Read “Brain Scans Reveal Which Networks Help Us To Learn A Foreign Language” at  Interesting stuff!

Learning A Foreign Language Isn’t All About Discipline And Dedication — Genetics Play A Role As Well


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Big News: Even as an adult, learning a second language changes your brain


Report of a new study at

Brain Patterns Predict How Fast Adults Learn New Languages


Read Neuroscience News:

Are Some Learners Wired to Learn Languages Faster?


Read “Brain waves predict speed of second language learning” at

Here are two teaser statements, excerpt:

  • The results showed that while the fastest learner completed the lessons twice as fast as the slowest, both attained the same level of proficiency.
  • “We’ve found that a characteristic of a person’s brain at rest predicted 60 percent of the variability in their ability to learn a second language in adulthood.”

On the Effect of the First Learned Language on the Brain and Languages Learned Later in Life


This is interesting research!  Read  “” at




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