Linguistics Corner: How Long to Learn That Language for English Speakers? Here’s a Map for That


A cool map for the interface of different languages and how long it may take to learn them at Beware the dark blue regions.


US K-12 Corner: How can being bilingual be an asset for white students and a deficit for immigrants?


While many schools promote the study of new languages, many do not promote the maintenance of heritage languages in ESL students.  Why is this?  More at

Experts, Educators Say Benefits of Bilingualism Are Brushed Aside in U.S. Schools


Many of us have experienced this issue first hand.  Please comment about it. Read more at 

Language Class Corner: Incorporating drama in the English language classroom


Read more about the why and how at

Language Corner: French schoolteachers push for ‘gender neutral’ grammar in row with language purists


What will the french language police say?  Interesting discussions in France as well as in Germany where a third gender was just approved to be used by the German highest court. More at

Motherese Across Languages: Research on Language Acquisition


Read A mother uses a similar tone with babies, no matter the language at Excerpt:

Tessier agreed that this research clearly indicates that our brain is tuned to discerning language, even from an early age: “Babies are really focused on attending to speech around them, and noticing and storing patterns and distributions in that speech.”

While the researchers intend to continue exploring this newfound phenomenon, Piazza thinks the find might prove useful for educational purposes. She envisions “having virtual teachers or cartoon characters imitate infant-directed timbre to optimally engage with babies.”

About One Way to Lower the Affective Filter in English Classes


All of know that lowering the affective filter and being a risk-taking language learner can improve the ability to communicate in the new language.  Now, researchers identified another way of achieving this result.  Read more at Like I stated before, there are other ways to achieve this result and they do not involve any consumption of beverages.


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