USA: The Connection Between Home Language and Learning English


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3 Ways Learning A New Language Helps Your Brain–Even If You Never Get Fluent


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Learning Languages: Acquisition by Joyful Engagement


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24 Soft Skills Required for Language Learning


Language Learners Journal

So have you ever looked at a polyglot and thought “How did they manage to learn all those languages?” Is success in languages really only for a select few? Perhaps you look upon polyglots with jealousy or even admiration? It’s understandable. But as you’ll soon see, you to can to be an efficient language learner. This can be achieved by using  ‘Soft Skills’. These are the skills that you are not necessarily taught (but should be) in schools!

What are Soft Skills?

The term ‘soft skills’ basically refer to ‘people skills‘. So it is those personal attributes that give an indication of high emotional intelligence. Soft Skills are something that is much needed in today’s society, but is clearly lacking!  An example of these skills is how you choose to communicate with others.  Schools typically fail to develop our soft skills. They are more interested in…

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Why You Should Learn Two New Languages Instead of One



More About Learning Languages


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