In Case You Wondered: Learning a 2nd, or even 3rd language will not hamper a child’s general learning


Please share this fact with your immigrant communities who decide to only speak English in their homes. The link is here


The Value of First Language Proficiency for Second Langage Acquisition


A case for bilingual education at this link

Bilingual Babies. A Good Idea?


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Bilingual Learners may Learn Additional Languages Easier


If learners have several linguistic frameworks at their disposal it may be easier to build on it with new languages. More in If your child is bilingual, learning additional languages later might be easier

Have You Ever Wondered: What’s Going on Inside the Brain of a Bilingual Child?



It turns out that, in many ways, the real trick to speaking two languages consists in managing not to speak one of those languages at a given moment — which is fundamentally a feat of paying attention.

Saying “Goodbye” to mom and then “Guten tag” to your teacher, or managing to ask for a crayola roja instead of a red crayon, requires skills called “inhibition” and “task switching.” These skills are subsets of an ability called executive function.

People who speak two languages often outperform monolinguals on general measures of executive function. “[Bilinguals] can pay focused attention without being distracted and also improve in the ability to switch from one task to another,” says Sorace.

Do these same advantages accrue to a child who begins learning a second language in kindergarten instead of as a baby? We don’t yet know. Patterns of language learning and language use are complex. But Gigi Luk at Harvard cites at least one brain-imaging study on adolescents that shows similar changes in brain structure when compared with those who are bilingual from birth, even when they didn’t begin practicing a second language in earnest before late childhood.

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Professionally Working in Another Language

20/05/2019 . Here, a little excerpt teaser:

Research has recently shown that people who can speak a foreign language are likely to be more analytical. Other studies have suggested that people who are bilingual make decisions in different ways from those with one language.

Benefits of Being Bilingual: Infographic



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