Surprise: Foreign language learning leads to cognitive benefits in students, experts say


And: foreign language studies improves mastery of L1! More here 

Great Online Bilingual & Multilingual Language Resources for Kids


Make sure to check them out here

The importance of being multilingual in a global job market


We need to focus on maintaining heritage languages for the purpose of career and college readiness. One tool to promote language maintenance is the Seal of Biliteracy. More about the topic of  being multilingual in a global job market here

The Sooner You Expose A Baby To A Second Language, The Smarter They’ll Be


Share this with all who are afraid of early exposure to multiple languages. Link here

The Language You Speak Influences Where Your Attention Goes


Interesting reading here

5 Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism: The Bilingual Brain Advantage


Please share widely

Babies learning two languages at once


In case some of your colleagues or parents wonder, share this

The revolutionary power of bilingualism | Karina Chapa | TEDxMcAllen


Silencing the Mother Tongue Makes It Harder for Bilingual Children to Learn English


A good reminder that we all should share with our colleagues and immigrant families. More here

Research: Diverse linguistic environment boosts brain sensitivity to new learning, UCI study finds


Excerpt: Numerous studies have noted the brain benefits that come from being bilingual – among them increased executive-level cognitive function and a four- to five-year delay in the risk of developing dementia symptoms. A new University of California, Irvine study, however, has found that monolinguals living in a linguistically diverse environment may be reaping some rewards just by being in the vicinity of multiple languages. More here

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