Languages and How Time is Perceived


Check out Language alters our experience of time at

USA: The Connection Between Home Language and Learning English


ReadPath to mastering English? Schools say students’ home language is key at

People who speak multiple languages make the best employees for one big reason


Find at Excerpt:

Forming a multilingual team is like having different cognitive tools in your tool kit: The greater the diversity in your set, the more you can accomplish. This is yet another reason why companies should invest in a diverse talent pool. Not only do a range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds help improve company culture, but the more languages a team speaks, the greater their potential propensity to think up original solutions that draw from all of their backgrounds. In this way, strategically recruited work teams can secure a competitive edge and grow a company’s intellectual capital.

Immigrants in the USA: L1 Language Maintance of Heritage Languages


What will the future hold for L1 in families?  Read Study Finds Spanish Fading in Hispanic Homes at

To Share With Colleagues and Families: This is why bilingual is better


Interesting information in facts and numbers that should be shared:

How the language you speak changes your view of the world


I can confirm that this phenomenon takes place.  there is a difference in my view depending on my language use.  Read more at

Did You Know? About Being Bilingual


Read the NPR article reporting on research 6 Potential Brain Benefits Of Bilingual Education at  Excerpt:

 Jennifer Steele at American University conducted a four-year, randomized trial and found that these dual-language students outperformed their peers in English-reading skills by a full school year’s worth of learning by the end of middle school.

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