ESL Corner: Learning two languages does not limit academic potential for Head Start students


A research study that should be shared with your school communities.  Find the study report at


Choi would like to see instructional support for DLLs throughout their formal education. DLLs use their home language less and less as they are exposed to English in school and risk losing their home language, Choi said. While it is important for students to be proficient in English, she says DLLs would lose the potential bilingual benefits without support for their home language.


Linguistic Experts Point to Benefits of Teaching Children Multiple Languages


Don’t be afraid to teach your kids several languages.

Measurements Around the World


They can mess us communication and integration!  I apologize for the language but the essence holds true:




Bilingual by 2026: Highline Schools Aim For Dual-Language Graduates


What are our communities doing?  Do we also calitalize on heritage languages?  Read one example at

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