The Time is Now: How Educators Can Advocate for English Language Learners


Downloadable resource for schools. Please share with your school communities. Download the guide at


Culturally Responsive Schooling: Educate the School on Ramadan


Read more in Column: How teachers can support students during Ramadan at

Culturally Responsive Schools Start With Us!


Read more about our own bias and microaggressions:  If You Think You’re Giving Students of Color a Voice, Get Over Yourself at

USA Bias Toward Racial Minorities Revisited


Often overlooked:  Asian-Americans Have Highest Poverty Rate In NYC, But Stereotypes Make The Issue Invisible at

How to Respond When Students Use Hate Speech


Do you have a plan how to respond?  If not, read this piece at

Smartphone app lets user ‘walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes’


Excerpt:  The United Nations helped launch a smartphone app Tuesday that allows users to “walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes” by simulating the daily struggles of a fictional Rohingya Muslim who was forced to flee her home.

Great for staff training!

Find it here:

Culturally Inclusive Schooling. Perceptions of Minority Families


What do minority families think about their kids’ opportunities?  Read more in More Parents Of Color Think Racism Is Holding Back Their Children In School at  Excerpt:

However, many families also report viewing racism as a culprit for racial inequities in education. It’s a sentiment that appears to be on the rise ― 10 percent more black parents and 8 percent more Latino parents reported feeling this way compared to last year.

What’s more, many black and Latino families report feeling like schools aren’t even trying to educate their children. This feeling was particularly acute among black parents, whose kids attend schools with mostly white teachers, with 50 percent reporting feeling this way. At the same time, parents are more likely to positively rate their child’s school if it has mostly white children.

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