Culturally Responsive Schools: How Does Racism Manifest Itself?


Check out the lowest section of the pyramid and reflect where you and your organization stand on the mentioned issues:



Essential Steps to Prepare for Advocacy to Prevent Advocacy Burnout


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According to activists of color I interviewed for a study on burnout in racial justice activists, white activists must prepare themselves better before attempting to engage in racial justice movements and organizations or they risk slowing movement progress and contributing to the burnout of activists of color. This preparation should include:
(1) doing deeper self-work, examining their privilege, their fragility, and the gaps in their understandings of structural racism more thoroughly before carrying them into racial justice movements;
(2) being  willing to defer to activists of color and movement leaders of color, especially in cases in which the lived experience of being targeted by racism is central to the cultivation of movement strategies and goals (which is virtually all cases);
(3) prioritizing movement goals over their own needs for validation from activists of color and recognition;
(4) policing one another around concerns related to credit- and spotlight-grabbing behaviors (such as coopting the ideas of activists of color) so that activists of color do not need to expend energy doing so; and
(5) stepping up and making themselves vulnerable to the cause rather than behaving as though simply being present at meetings and awareness-raising opportunities is “activism,” remembering that activists of color are vulnerable by virtue of being activists of color.
Watch for an article soon in which Noura Erakat and I explore all of this in more detail and then a future article at some point more generally about the impact of white activists on activists of color.

TESOL International Association’s Advocacy Letters Addressing Recent Events


TESOL Sends Pair of Letters Expressing Concern Over Possible U.S. Department of Education Reorganization

by David Cutler | 05/21/2018
TESOL International Association recently sent a pair of letters to the ​United States Department of Education expressing great concern over the possible reorganization of the  Office of English Language Acquisition(OELA), the office charged with ​guiding state and local education agencies ​as they ​​support English learners.

In a ​letter sent to Secretary DeVos, TESOL stated ​the need for OELA to maintain its current organizational status, outlined the negative impacts that the reorganization of OELA would have ​on English learners and teachers, and made several recommendations for how the department could enhance its support for English learners.

Download a copy of TESOL’s letter.

In a separate joint letter, TESOL joined a coalition of 17 other education organizations from around the U.S. to express collective concerns over the department’s plan to potentially restructure OELA.

Download a copy of the coalition’s joint letter.

How to Respond to Racist and Biased Comments


We see lots of videos and reports in news about citizens attacking others when they speak or look different from them. We can also see this in our own communities. But how should we respond to such attacks? Please see a short cheat sheet below as a helpful guide:

Screenshot 2018-05-20 18.21.59.png

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Print out a copy of our Do’s and Don’t for Bystander Intervention and post it in your workplace, gym, classroom, or place of worship. Let’s protect each other and make sure we do it safely!

Poetry About Refugees


Read first top-down and then bottom-up:

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Teacher Advocacy: Why teachers are training themselves to be ‘dreamer’ allies


What can you do to become an ally to your students? A teacher interview with good strategies at

Supporting Bilingual Kids in the English Classroom



they seem to think
I can just switch
one half of me
and leave the other
half of me
but I’m like
warm water
pouring from a faucet
the hot
and cold
both flowing
as one

An excellent resource for advocates at 

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