USA: Immigrants are part of our recovery from crisis


Appreciating the contributions immigrants make to the US recovery. How and why? 

The Truth About Undocumented Immigrants and Taxes


Have you ever wondered or have you been asked about this topic? Read more here

USA: Children at the Border. Information for Educators


This map shows where each state’s largest immigrant group comes from (besides Mexico)


The map may surprise you.

US Culture: College-Educated Immigrants in the U.S.


Find some good data sets at this link 

Sharing in the Immigrant Experience: Stories


Take some time and listen to immigrant stories on this site:

US Immigration: Resources for educating and advocating for all students


Reblogged from the Washington Education Association publication at


Educating and advocating for all students

All students deserve the opportunity to learn without fear and distress. However, educators are witnessing firsthand the trauma students, their families and our communities are experiencing as a result of harsh immigration enforcement. Here are some resources to help you know your rights and to help your students and community.

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