Refugees: A Personal Story Around the World and in Kentucky


A moving story can be found in I Thought My Daughter Was Gone Forever. Ten Years Later, There She Was in a Photo at


Sharing the Immigration Experience With Others: A Film


Find more in “Seeds of Hope” film shows challenges refugee students face at


What is DACA and Why Does it Matter? A Podcast


A very informative podcast from NPR. Excerpt:

After the Trump Administration announced its decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, we decided to put together a special podcast-only episode to help you make sense of the news. We break down some of the factually questionable statements in Attorney General Sessions’ announcement, hear from an expert on how DACA affects the economy and find out about one DACA recipient’s daring sacrifice during Hurricane Harvey. Plus, we open the phone lines and hear from you, our listeners, about what your DACA means to you.

Find the podcast as well as more on the topic at

US Culture: Telling Others Using Languages Other Than English to Go Home


What if someone lives and works in the USA and is told to “go home” and leave the USA?  What if children are born here but speak a different language at home?  Should they “go home” somewhere outside of the USA?  This is a daily scenario for many in the USA.  Read more about it in Latinos Can’t ‘Go Home.’ They Are Home at

28 Tweets That Capture the Struggles of Latinos Who Aren’t Quite Fluent in Spanish


Fun readings providing insights:

Video: Helping Immigrant Students Adjust to New Schools, New Lives


Find it here:

Reading, Writing, and Refugees


Find an interesting  about Refugee perspectives:

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