US Culture: Customs and Culture


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A Map shows “Merry Christmas” in many languages


Learn how to say Merry Christmas to your transcultural Christian students. Find the info at

Culture: Why Greeks Traditionally Decorate a Boat Instead of a Christmas Tree


Learn about interesting Greek cultural facts at

US Culture: Baking With Your English Students


Here is a cool resource for recipes “Holiday cookie generator” at

It would be fun to try some of them!

US Culture: Posters by Shepard Fairey and Others


Authentic US cultural posters at

ESL Corner: Why cultural understanding is essential


How much do teachers, even ESL teachers, know about their students’ culture?  Read here why such knowledge is so important for student success at

Culture: Table etiquette, meal customs, and dietary rules in China


This article gives 10 Tips on Chinese table manners. Some highlights: “It is considered rude not to sample a bite of every dish”; “Finishing all of your food may be an insult to your host, since it can mean he did not provide enough food and feed you enough”

This article by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations discusses Chinese dietary guidelines and even has a link to China’s Food Guide Pagoda (like our food pyramid). I think this could be a great resource to others, as it seems like they have information on lots of different countries!

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