Stay Informed: Update on Latino/Hispanic Trends in the USA


Find a number of important facts here:

The Latest Data Updates on USA Immigrant Populations, April 2017


Great data on important ESL/immigrant groups.  Example: Mexicans are NOT the largest population of unauthorized immigrants.  Find the publication at

Being Racist While Trying to Not to Be


In many situations, our communities try to address racism and in doing so, create other forms of marginalization.  Read 6 ways allies still marginalize people of color — and what to do instead at to learn



Check this out when you consider how to communicate with families.  Excerpt:

Overall, 20 percent of surveyed parents of immigrant Hispanic families do not go online at all–not at home, not at work, and not in the community. This is in contrast with 4 percent of white parents, 4 percent of U.S.-born Hispanic parents, and 2 percent of black parents.

Infographic: The ed-tech challenges faced by immigrant students


Number of Hispanic-Serving Colleges Grows


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USA: PEW Center Immigrant Data and News


Interesting numbers to know about from the PEW Center, always a good reading.  Find the original posting at  Excerpt:

The number of adults in the prime working ages of 25 to 64 will rise to 183.2 million in 2035.
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March 31, 2017

Immigration projected to drive growth in U.S. working-age population through at least 2035

The number of adults in the prime working ages of 25 to 64 – 173.2 million in 2015 – will rise to 183.2 million in 2035. That total growth of 10 million over two decades will be lower than the total in any single decade since the Baby Boomers began pouring into the workforce in the 1960s.

Immigrants don’t make up a majority of workers in any U.S. industry

Immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born workers to be employed in a number of specific jobs, including sewing machine operators, plasterers, stucco masons and manicurists. But there are no major U.S. industries in which immigrants outnumber the U.S. born.

Federal criminal prosecutions fall to lowest level in nearly two decades

Federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against 77,152 defendants in fiscal year 2016. That’s a decline of 25% since fiscal 2011 and marks the lowest yearly total since 1997. Immigration offenses comprised 27% of all prosecutions in 2016, up from 15% in 2001.

Most Americans continue to oppose U.S. border wall, doubt Mexico would pay for it

More Americans continue to oppose (62%) than favor (35%) building a wall along the entire U.S. border with Mexico. Meanwhile, 70% of Americans think the U.S. would ultimately pay for the wall, compared with just 16% who think Mexico would pay for it.

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What we know about illegal immigration from Mexico

There were 11.7 million immigrants from Mexico living in the U.S. in 2014, and about half of them were in the country illegally. Mexico is the country’s largest source of immigrants, making up 28% of all U.S. immigrants.

How to access Pew Research Center survey data

We regularly make available the full datasets that underlie most of our reports. Here’s how to access them.

Video: 50 Shades of Latino


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