The State of Latino Early Childhood Development: A Research Review


Many Latino children have a difficult start to their school life. Poverty, trauma, and many other issues make it difficult for them to succeed. Read more in the research review packed with important data and information. Excerpt:


Many Latino children are at risk of not getting the proper care, services, and environment they need for healthy formative development.

Latino early childhood development - problem - kids behindTraumatic early experiences, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and low participation in preschool programs impair Latino children’s social and emotional development, academic achievement, and overall health and wellbeing.

But there’s reason for hope.

Culturally-sensitive programs and policies can prevent or reduce the effects of traumatic childhood experiences, improve mental health, and boost school readiness.

Early childhood development and education programs, breastfeeding and family support, and Latino family values support all have been shown to promote healthy early development.

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