How Many Languages Exist? Data, Data, and More Data Including Extinct Languages in Handy Charts


Find the answer at The world’s languages captured in 6 charts at

The World’s Dying Languages


Find interesting information on the unfortunate events of disappearing languages in  Losing Our World’s Languages  at

Scholars Identify Diversity in the English Language Used Online by Different Ethnic Groups


Interesting reading at

The Connection Between Languages and Cultural Emotions


Did you know that there are emotions that are not perceived in groups not using the same language?  I am thinking about the German term “Gemütlichkeit”.  This word describes a state of being that I cannot explain to English speakers.  Here is a great reading about additional languages and emotions in “ThUntranslatablele Emotions You did Never Knew You Had”  at

What Are the Major Languages of the World?


Great data in this link The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts at

Some excerpt images from the publication:




Connect languages to colonialism and versatility.

Language: A Mirror of Cultural Values


In German, the second person singular and plural is capitalized in writing.  In English, it is the first person.  Grammar provides a good insight into the values a culture holds.  What about a language without words for numbers?  What does that mean?  Read ‘Anumeric’ people: What happens when a language has no words for numbers at

How English is the English Language?


Not very much.  See more here about the French influence in The English language is a lot more French than we thought, here’s why at

View story at

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