Great for ESL Classrooms and Libraries


A large chart as a visual reminder what our students need to master in addition to English:  Writing Systems of the World. Find at


How to teach the TRAP vowel for learners whose languages have a palatal nasal [n]


Screenshot 2018-04-08 17.16.02

Diphthongs: a Pronunciation Guide


Find the recording at

Linguistic Corner: World’s languages traced back to single African mother tongue: scientists


Interesting stuff for linguistic folks:

The Magic of Linguistics: People with depression use language differently – here’s how to spot it


How we all use language says a lot about the person using it. In this publication, find some markers for languages users with depression at

Linguistic Corner: Chinese Origin of English Words


We all know that many words in the English language are borrowed from other languages. Do you know how many words are borrowed from Chinese? Find more information here:

The Influence of Greek Language on English


English is such a mixture of many other languages, including Greek (unfortunately, I cannot credit this pic to anyone):

Image-1 (2).png

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