US Culture Corner: A Ton of Lesson Planning Resources on Native American Cultures fro Grades K-13



in the Native American Heritage Collection


US Culture Corner: Native American Children’s Literature


Are you looking for US readings representing different US cultures? Find Native American/First Nation literature for children here at

Culture Corner: Americans Abroad


How do Americans appear to other nations?  Read more in Accidentally Rude Things Americans Do When Traveling at

US Culture Corner: American Experience: The Pilgrims Collection Lesson Plans for Grades 2-12


Find them at,%20stationsocial,%20web&utm_campaign=ss_2017#.WgH-GRNSyis

US Culture Corner: What is Sexual Harassment? Video and Definitions


We hear much about this topic in the recent news. For anyone studying or teaching in the USA, knowing the proper definition is important to avoid problems and engage in appropriate behavior. Find here a definition for the terms most used at

List of terms:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Quid pro quo, or sexual coercion
  • Unwanted sexual attention
  • Gender harassment
  • Ambient sexual harassment

US Culture Corner: Colliding Cultures & Colonial Society: 1607 – 1754 | Crash Course US History


Find here a curriculum and materials at,%20stationsocial,%20web&utm_campaign=ss_2017#.WgH-FRNSyis

Culture Corner: The Definition of Sexual Harassment


A topic in the US daily news, what do different countries think constitutes sexual harassment?  Read more here about various countries What do Europeans consider sexual harassment? at

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