US Culture and Language of Gender


Currently, there is much discussion in the USA on the issues of gender. The discussion has language implications. Read more here


US Culture: This map shows the most commonly spoken language in every US state, excluding English and Spanish


Please keep in mind that the languages shown on the map are those NOT English or Spanish. For my state, Kentucky, it seems right. Excerpt:

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 8.38.18 AM



Culture USA: The Coolest Museum in Each State DISCOVERIES


Teach about authentic culture with this resource

US Culture: Body Language. What It Means and How to Read It


Learn about culturally authentic ways to interpret body language here

This map shows where each state’s largest immigrant group comes from (besides Mexico)


The map may surprise you.

US Culture Corner: Here’s how many people in each state speak a language other than English at home


Interesting facts at this link

US culture: Resources to Teach the history of the exclusion, removal, and detention of persons of Japanese ancestry


Find them at

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