Don’t Give up on English: Is Dyslexia Permanent? How Teachers Can Rewire a Struggling Reader’s Brain

Dyslexia is not a condition that prevents students from learning new languages. Excerpt:

National Science Foundation–funded study from the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, University of Washington (UW) examined growth in reading skills and white matter in school-aged, struggling readers. Diffusion MRI data collected during eight weeks of special instruction showed large-scale changes in white matter and significant growth in reading skills.

Dr. Jason Yeatman, one of the researchers, says that although dyslexia is often considered permanent, his findings prove otherwise. The research shows that targeted, intensive instruction leads to “substantial” improvements in reading skills. It also changes the “underlying wiring of the brain’s reading circuitry.”

“It’s underappreciated that teachers are brain engineers who help kids build new brain circuits for important academic skills, like reading,” says Yeatman.

Read more here


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