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WIDA Standards and Materials: Downloadable


English Language Development (ELD) Standards


Imagine Learning Completes Review for WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation


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WIDA Can Do Descriptor Posters


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WIDA Can Do Descriptors: Free Webinar Link


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WIDA Resource


Foundational Support for ELL Educators
The WIDA ELP Standards and Resource Guide provides special tools found only in this publication. These tools include:
  • Subject-specific example topics from K-12 with Can Do descriptors
  • A Resource Guide with information on the use of Standards, MPIs and Transformations
  • Example graphic organizer, specific supports and MPI checklist
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WIDA Access News



Now Available:

WIDA offers drop-in question and answer sessions for Test Coordinators, Test Administrators, and Technology Coordinators. Events are scheduled each Monday starting at 11:00 am Central Time, Wednesdays beginning at 1:00pm Central, and Friday afternoons at 2:00pm Central Time. The Q&A sessions will continue through April 13, 2016.

Next Up:

·         Join Here to log into the Wednesday January 27th ACCESS 2.0 Q/A session (1:00pm-2:00pm CT)

Session for Test Coordinators and Test Administrators starts with a focus on ordering materials (1:00-1:15pm) followed by general Q&A (1:15-2:00pm)

·         Join Here to log into the Friday January 29th ACCESS 2.0 Q/A session (2:00 – 3:00pm CT)

The focus for this session is TSM and geared toward Technology Coordinators (2:00-2:15pm) with general Q&A afterwards (2:15-3:00pm)

*WIDA is pleased to announce an increase in the participant limit to 1,000 attendees


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