WIDA Standards and Materials: Downloadable


English Language Development (ELD) Standards


Imagine Learning Completes Review for WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation


Want to know more about WIDa and if it works?  Read more here:  http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwgeeks/article/Imagine-Learning-Completes-Review-for-WIDA-PRIME-V2-Correlation-20161206#

WIDA Can Do Descriptor Posters


Tired of using a booklet or website?  Check this out:

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 6.12.33 PM.png

WIDA Can Do Descriptors: Free Webinar Link


Please access the webinar at this page:  http://widadev.wceruw.org/standards/CAN_DOs/#keyuses

WIDA Resource


Foundational Support for ELL Educators
The WIDA ELP Standards and Resource Guide provides special tools found only in this publication. These tools include:
  • Subject-specific example topics from K-12 with Can Do descriptors
  • A Resource Guide with information on the use of Standards, MPIs and Transformations
  • Example graphic organizer, specific supports and MPI checklist
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WIDA Access News



Now Available:

WIDA offers drop-in question and answer sessions for Test Coordinators, Test Administrators, and Technology Coordinators. Events are scheduled each Monday starting at 11:00 am Central Time, Wednesdays beginning at 1:00pm Central, and Friday afternoons at 2:00pm Central Time. The Q&A sessions will continue through April 13, 2016.

Next Up:

·         Join Here to log into the Wednesday January 27th ACCESS 2.0 Q/A session (1:00pm-2:00pm CT)

Session for Test Coordinators and Test Administrators starts with a focus on ordering materials (1:00-1:15pm) followed by general Q&A (1:15-2:00pm)

·         Join Here to log into the Friday January 29th ACCESS 2.0 Q/A session (2:00 – 3:00pm CT)

The focus for this session is TSM and geared toward Technology Coordinators (2:00-2:15pm) with general Q&A afterwards (2:15-3:00pm)

*WIDA is pleased to announce an increase in the participant limit to 1,000 attendees


WIDA Training



WIDA knows that test windows have opened, or will soon open, in several states and that many of you have questions. WIDA and DRC are pleased to expand the number of upcoming opportunities for you to ask your questions.

To best accommodate the schedules of educators, we offer two sessions this week, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (Central Time). All sessions accommodate 500 participants, our maximum WebEx capacity.

Information about the webinars is listed below.

Wednesday, January 13th  from 1:00pm – 2:00pm CST

Thursday, January 14th   from 10:00am – 11:00am CST

Login information to join these Q & A sessions is posted on the WIDA website at the top of the Preparation Resources page as described on each of the four Training Checklists.

In addition to this week’s webinars, Q&A webinars will be hosted every Wednesday at 1:00 pm Central Time through Wednesday, April 13.

WIDA is pleased to assist educators with these additional Q & A Sessions to help address testing questions during this busy testing season. Please feel free to join the conversation!

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