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Question: I have my students’ ACCESS score reports. How can I communicate about ELL language abilities with my colleagues, my students, and their parents?

Answer: WIDA has a number of useful resources to assist you in interpreting scores and reports and communicating results. WIDA encourages educators to review the applicable resources below and incorporate them into your communication plan.

  1. Make your first stop the Finding Your Students’ Superpowers: Using ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports flyer. It’s full of tips and links to resources for your district’s score communication plan. As you review the score reports with your colleagues, we encourage you to make use of WIDA’s Can Do Descriptors Key Uses Edition to gain a better understanding of what students can do and where they can progress. WIDA even has Can Do Descriptors Name Charts, where educators can keep track of student progress all in one place!
  2. The Understanding Language Proficiency lesson plans (Elementary / Secondary) and student activities will allow your students to review and reflect on their language strengths, goals, and learning styles.
  3. When you’re ready to discuss the score reports with your students and their families, download the Parent/Guardian Guide to the Individual Student Report (available in 13 languages!) and use the Individual Student Score Notes to help you to plan for meetings with parents.
All of these resources and more can all be found in one place – wida.us/ACCESSscores!



Interesting discussion in Is a New English-Proficiency Test Too Hard? Educators and Experts Debate at http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2017/08/04/is-a-new-english-proficiency-test-too-hard.html

What do you think, teachers?

WIDA Standards and Materials: Downloadable


English Language Development (ELD) Standards


Imagine Learning Completes Review for WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation


Want to know more about WIDa and if it works?  Read more here:  http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwgeeks/article/Imagine-Learning-Completes-Review-for-WIDA-PRIME-V2-Correlation-20161206#

WIDA Can Do Descriptor Posters


Tired of using a booklet or website?  Check this out:

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WIDA Can Do Descriptors: Free Webinar Link


Please access the webinar at this page:  http://widadev.wceruw.org/standards/CAN_DOs/#keyuses

WIDA Resource


Foundational Support for ELL Educators
The WIDA ELP Standards and Resource Guide provides special tools found only in this publication. These tools include:
  • Subject-specific example topics from K-12 with Can Do descriptors
  • A Resource Guide with information on the use of Standards, MPIs and Transformations
  • Example graphic organizer, specific supports and MPI checklist
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