Trauma and the Brain: An Introduction for professionals working with teens


Something, educators need to know.  Find more at

New Comic Book Teaches Children How To Deal With The Fears of Deportation


Thanks to Shelly Terrell for sharing this.

Find here an excellent cartoon for teachers to be shared with kids:


More on Trauma and Learning


Always a good reminder Stress: It’s Not in Your Head, it’s in Your Nervous System at

How Does Constant Stress and Trauma Affect Learners? A Presentation


I wrote about this many times before but it is always good to remind educators of this topic.  Find this presentation here Chronic Stress and ACEs at

A Traumatized Brain Does Not Learn Easily: What Can Teachers Do?


Read more in7 Ways to Calm a Young Brain in Trauma


about the effects of trauma and what to do about it in classrooms

What Impact Does the State of US Politics Have on Refugees?


Remembering that refugees already are traumatized by the events that brought them here after undergoing extreme vetting, what does the current state of politics do to refugees?  Read more at

What Effect Does Poverty Have on Learning?


Teachers should know this.  Read How Poverty Changes the Brain at

to learn more


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