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One of the more useful capstone projects, thanks for sharing it!  Trauma In Refugee And Immigrant Students- A Website Resource For


Presentation and Reading: Master Strategies in the Treatment of Trauma:





Many of our learners have emotional or other issues or an unsafe life.  Here are some apps to assist them and all peers in calming their mind:  15 MINDFULNESS AND RELAXATION APPS FOR KIDS WITH ANXIETY at

The ADHD Trauma Overlap


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From Oklahoma TESOL

From “Is it ADHD or Child Traumatic Stress? A Guide for Clinicians”

“A number of researchers believe that symptoms of child traumatic stress could be mistaken for ADHD and that the risk of misdiagnosis is high. This is because there is an overlap between ADHD symptoms and the effects of experiencing trauma. 

 Young children who experience trauma may have symptoms of hyperactivity and disruptive
behavior that resemble ADHD.

 Trauma can make children feel agitated, troubled, nervous, and on alert. These behaviors can be mistaken for hyperactivity.

 What might seem like inattention in children who experience trauma might actually be symptoms of dissociation (feelings of unreality or being outside of one’s body) or the result of
avoidance of trauma reminders.

 Among children who experience trauma, intrusive thoughts or memories of trauma (e.g., feeling like it is happening all over again) may lead to confused or agitated behavior which can resemble the impulsivity of ADHD.”

Presentation: Half of All Students Have Experienced Trauma.What Teachers Can Do


Excellent presenters and presnetation:

Addressing Trauma, Fear, Natural Disasters, and Stress in Schools by Building Supportive Environments


A safe school environment does not happen by accident.  All stakeholders play a role in purposefully planning how the school culture is modified.  Find some resources below:


Communicating to Immigrant Communities in Times Of Emergencies: Resources in 13 Languages



Resources for Other Languages

Welcome to the Ready multilingual Webpage. Each page contains flyers, brochures, tri-folds, press releases and public service announcements tailored to provide disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation information.

The purpose of these Webpages is to help people with limited English proficiency levels to receive important life-sustaining and life-saving information when disasters strike.

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