Overcoming Teacher Anxiety in Creating English Videos For Students


Most teachers know that self-created video materials assist them in teaching students in ESL/EFL contexts. Why do we not use them more then? Many teachers are uncomfortable in front of the camera. Here are some tips on overcoming this issue at http://www.insightadvance.com/blog/4-ways-to-get-used-to-educator-in-the-mirror


ESL and Mainstream Teacher Collaboration Videos


Created by my graduate students:

Videos created by my graduate students engaging in collaboration meetings:

Video: Teacher Explains Mainstream Teacher’s Responsibilities Towards ESL/EL Students


One of my talented graduate students explaining to a colleague what their responsibilities are.  Great video for PDs in schools!

Video: Brainstorming For EL Integration at School


One of my graduate students meets with a peer and brainstorms how their school can make the school culture more culturally responsive…

Video: Teacher Training Administrator on EL Program Issues


My graduate student briefing a principal on what she proposes to the school in order to improve ESL school climate and instruction.


Teacher Video: Creating a Culturally Responsive School for ELs: Building Relationship


Created by one of my grad students:

Video: Supporting ELs in US Schools


By one of my graduate students:

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