An Example of School Advocacy: Dr. Broady Update


Find here an article about one of my former students whom I trained and her amazing activities in her school. Also, I am very grateful for crediting me and one of my publications with inspiring her to start a new initiative with immigrant families.

It is a proud teacher moment for me!

The book discussed in the article:


Useful Parent Engagement Resources


As a new school year begins, all educators plan to establish school/home connections.  Please find some recommendations in Useful Parent Engagement Resources


The Key to Good Learning is Getting to Know Our Students: Surveys for Your Classroom


Find Student Interest Surveys: Getting to Know You at

Practical “Back-to-School Communication With Parents” Ideas for ESL Classrooms



Find some great idea here in Back-to-School with EL Parents at



Raising bilingual Kids in. What Families Need to Know


Many families don’t know how to raise children bilingually.  Read more in Dear parents of bilingual children – time to cut some slack! at

How Can You Learn About Other Cultures? Study Abroad. Well, or Not.


Do you always have to actually go out of the country to learn in-depth about other cultures?  Are there ways to achieve the same objectives in your own country and community?  Yes, it is possible, according to Students ‘study abroad’ with immigrant families in the US at  Interesting podcast and reading!

Families: The Essential Part of School Success


We all know that a strong school/home connection is important for student’s success.  Read more about this issue in How Parents Widen—or Shrink—Academic Gaps at–or-shrink–academic-gaps.html?cmp=eml-eb-popweek+04282017&M=57967721&U=1982644

Another piece of data from the publication states this:

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Find a great excerpt here in the blow infographic:


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