How the Brain Processes Language


Very interesting research findings for language instructors at


What’s New in Neurobrain Research for English Learning? A Presentation


Find the presentation Mind/Brain/Education in ESL/EFL at

What All Teachers Know: Talking With Your Hands Makes You Learn Things Faster


What language teacher and learner has not used hand gestures to communicate? We know that communication works much faster, especially when communication is conducted by novice learners. Why is this? Read more at

Free Downloadable Study: Using action research to explore technology in language teaching: international perspectives



It reports on how the project was implemented by means of virtual collaborative workshops, the responses of the teachers to conducting their action research over a period of nine months, and what lessons were learned about initiating an international virtual action research process. It also provides accounts written by the teachers of their research into teaching practices incorporating the use of new technology that are potentially of value to other teachers, both within the specific local contexts concerned, but also more generally.

Authors: Anne Burns and Nur Kurtoğlu-Hooton

This research paper is free to download below as a pdf file.

Download it at


English language Lessons: How to Teach so Students Remember and Retain the Materials?


Learner brains cannot remember everything they are exposed to. Constructivism teaches us that input is not equal to the intake. Therefore, as teachers, we must find avenues to help students to connect to the learning and to want to construct knowledge in their brain so that neuroplasticity pathways are built. Read more here about how educators can achieve this task in Our brains are wired to forget — How does that affect language learning? at

Does Adding New Languages Alter the Brain? Yes, it Does!


The field of brain research and neuroplasticity in particular offer new insights into the effect new languages have on human brains. Read more in Being bilingual alters your brain. Here’s how at

English Literacy Development and The Use of Technology: A Study About Speech Recognition Apps


Read more about interesting research on the use of SIRI and how it can boost literacy:  Speech recognition apps can improve literacy, MU study finds Find at

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