How to Review a Research Paper


Excellent literature review tool!


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Enter title and abstract of your paper to easily find journals that could be best suited for publishing. JournalFinder uses smart search technology and field-of-research specific vocabularies to match your paper to scientific journals.

Free English Downloadable Book: Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education


Great resource, free here and on this blog

Free book: The Action Research Planner


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What is the difference between a Research and a Review Paper?


research paper

Research Posters Are a Staple of Academic Conferences. Could a New Design Speed Discovery?


When you teach your advanced students, don’t forget to teach about research posters. More here about some fresh and new ideas to spice up the good old posters. More here

English Teaching: 2018 Education Research Highlights


What’s new? FStay current by learning about the latest research. Find it at

Interesting New Research: We can recognize speakers only from how faces move when talking



Jesse points out, “Speech perception is a really difficult task — and recognizing who the speaker is can help with it. One thing this research shows is that we’re not done as adults with learning, we are constantly learning about the new speakers we meet. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to recognize from listening alone what a speaker says and who they are, as does recognizing faces from static features.”

She adds, “We already know that as we get older, seeing a speaker becomes more important for recognizing what they are saying. Based on our study though, we think that seeing a speaker may also become more important for recognizing who is talking to us, which then may have an indirect effect on speech perception, as well.”

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Free Book: ELT Research In Action


Check out this great resource:[2].pdf

Free Downloadable Study: Using action research to explore technology in language teaching: international perspectives



It reports on how the project was implemented by means of virtual collaborative workshops, the responses of the teachers to conducting their action research over a period of nine months, and what lessons were learned about initiating an international virtual action research process. It also provides accounts written by the teachers of their research into teaching practices incorporating the use of new technology that are potentially of value to other teachers, both within the specific local contexts concerned, but also more generally.

Authors: Anne Burns and Nur Kurtoğlu-Hooton

This research paper is free to download below as a pdf file.

Download it at


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