Networking in the USA: Do’s and Dont’s Plus Templates to Establish a Networking Connection


Good reading for English learners at


English Language E-Mail Humor


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Teaching English: E-Mail Greetings


There is so much that can make an email sound weird, such as greetings and closing phrases.  Read more in How to End an Email: 9 Never-Fail Sign-Offs and 9 to Avoid at

Teach Your English Learners How to prepare for a job interview in English


Interviews are stressful for anyone, at the least.  However, being interviewed in a new language is even more taxing.  Read here for some tips at

Teaching About English E-Mail Greetings


What are some good phrases to thank others in advance without being rude?  Read more about this topic at

Teaching E-Mailing Skills to Your English Learners: Start Strong


Read more in How to Start an Email: 6 Never-Fail Introductions and 6 to Avoid at

Improve English Writing With Peer Reviews


Many practical ideas in Giving Peer Feedback Helps Writers Grow at

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