Kentucky Teachers: New Praxis Exam


Please note that there will be a new Praxis exam required for anyone seeking an Endorsement in ESL in Kentucky starting September of 2017.  Find information, study materials, and other info here:

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Kentucky ESL Praxis Score Required for Endorsement


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Preparing for the ESL Praxis Exam


Use the PRAXIS study materials
by one of my students:
Thursday, 15 October 2015, 8:54 PM

I used the free practice test that the PRAXIS released, and I also purchased (20 bucks) the digital practice test that PRAXIS sells.  The digital test was 120 questions and timed.  I could repeat the test many times, and it provided an explanation for questions I missed.  The format was fairly similar to the real test and it was a definitely worth the money and time to help me prepare.

For my Current Graduate Students


For the last and final word on the test #,  please check the EPSB website.  Study guide:  Order the one from the NTS, use your weekly summaries, and look at my ESL BLOG “PRAXIS” section.

All of your peers study about 4 plus weeks diligently.  They all report that you need to really memorize the phonetic alphabet and theory names.  Also, study court cases…

Our program completers usually pass with high scores.

Make Quick Online Quizzes for Others or Yourself



Linguistics: Phonetic Symbols


Sharing Materials

Studying for the PRAXIS and Want to learn more about Analyzing Accents?


Check out this database by the University of Camebridge!Link

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