5 Amazing Ways to Collaborate with Another Class



Could this be an idea to get kids to communicate with each other? Great ideas, check it out!!!


The Telenovela Method of Learning Spanish (or any other language)


From my favorite site Multilingual Living:

Online Pen-Pals


From an exchange on the TESOL list serve:

You’re right that it looks like a great place to meet
> language partners, but I’ve checked out that site (
> http://www.mylanguageexchange.com) and it offers practically nothing for
> free–you have to pay to be able to contact other learners. I was really
> disappointed by it when I signed up and saw its limitations. ****
> A totally free, very active site for language learning that I use with my
> students is The Mixxer (www.language-exchanges.org). It’s hosted by
> Dickenson College and has users from around the world studying a wide
> variety of languages. For more information on how I’ve used The Mixxer in
> my classes, check out a short article I wrote for *The Language Teacher*magazine at
> http://jalt-publications.org/tlt/departments/tlt-wired/articles/2008-jump-mixxer.
> ****

Language/ESL: Skype Sessions


Wondering how you could do this? Read this article “Skyping school – one school uses computer program to connect with another” link

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