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Learning Styles: Were Teachers Misled?


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Despite this growing evidence that the education world may have been duped into believing in the power of learning styles, many educators are still holding on to this idea. Change in education methods can be slow and challenging, especially when there isn’t an alternative readily available. However, Cuevas believes that he may have the answer for what educators should swap into their instruction when they move the learning styles approach out.

What is the Truth About Learning Styles?


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When We Can Speak, We Can Use Non Verbals such as Handsigns. But How?


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Howard Gardner: ‘Multiple intelligences’ are not ‘learning styles’


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Dr. Broady’s Last Publication: Flipping a Classroom


:  How to Flip a ClaAre you a teacher/professor interested in flipping your classroom? If so, you may find some information in my last publication in TESOL Connections:…/issues/201…/index.htmlflipped

Planning a Class Around Student Collaboration


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