Babies remember their birth language – scientists


Tell parents to use their heritage language with their babies right from birth and thereafter. Read more here:

Parent Information: Why You Shouldn’t Stop Speaking Spanish at Home


Please share with your immigrant communities:

Closing the Gap to Immigrant Families: Multilingual Texting


Great news for schools:  Multilingual Texting Platform Aims to Help Schools Engage All Families at

Advise For Multilingual Families



Family Training: Teaching Consent


Consider parent training nights addressing important topics.  One example is the issue of consent.  Find a great resource here in “Survivor Mom: Teaching Consent” at

Excerpt, check all others:


Parent Connection Newsletter


With several articles and resources for educators.  Don’t miss reading Language Castle Connection to set some fresh ideas and parent letters for your school.

Directly from the Newsletter:

 “How Can Educators Best Connect with Parents of ELLs?” Larry Ferlazzo posted answers on his EdWeek blog from Karen Nemeth, Rusul Alrubail, Anna Bartosik, Jordan Lanfair, Anabel, Gonzalez, and Judie Haynes. 

 The Ready Rosie website featured an article about leveraging the power of video to support diverse family engagement by Karen Nemeth. 

 Tips for “Engaging Parents of English-Language Learners” was covered by Edutopia,

  Examples of effective strategies from school districts via District Administration
 “A Close Look at Literacy Practices in Low-Income Latino Homes” from EdCentral’s Isabella Sanchez. But – this article in The Atlantic highlights child vocabulary as a public health issue – and doesn’t say a thing about different languages! 

 Research about the benefits of parent engagement initiatives: One project funded by the NIH, then a brief summarizing similar research from Child Care and Early Education Research Connections,

** Click here to order letters for parents on growing home language, in English & Spanish, with readability options!


Bilinguals Have Better College Outcomes, Labor Advantages: New Study


Yeah!  Who would have thought? Let’s share with anyone around us!!!

Read more here:


Children of immigrants who can speak, read and write in both English and the language spoken at home have an advantage in the labor market, a new report released Tuesday finds.

The report by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA and the Educational Testing Service, a nonprofit testing organization, shows that individuals with immigrant backgrounds who only speak English and don’t retain the language spoken at home lose between $2,000 and $5,000 annually.

In contrast, those with immigrant backgrounds who know both English and the language spoken at home—also known as “balanced bilinguals”—are more likely to earn more money than those who only speak English. They are also more likely to graduate from high school, go on to college, enter higher status occupations and have more social networks.

“Being able to speak another language and being able to communicate with folks across cultural borders turns out to be very important in our modern world,”Patricia Gándara, the report’s author, said during a webinar Tuesday.

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