How do you ensure all students are accessing and developing both math content and math language skills?


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Although math is challenging for many students, it can be especially difficult for English learners (ELs) because math instruction and texts often require specialized vocabulary.  Before students can accurately answer a math question, they need to have the vocabulary and problem-solving skills to help them determine what information is being asked, what processes need to be carried out, and then eventually how the information needs to be presented. In math, there are often multiple terms that signal the same process (e.g. add, sum, plus, total, etc.), and students need to be able to comprehend text in order to access the information presented in word problems. To develop students’ math skills in both content and language, teachers can provide explicit guided instruction surrounding key math academic vocabulary, and give ample time for students to try out their developing skills.

For a look at some of the key challenges that ELs face in understanding word problems, along with teaching strategies and activities to support ELs in the math classroom, check out this article from Colorín Colorado.

Or, for a math classroom activity you can take and use, check out this resource from the Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners (CREATE).

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Here is a little humor pointing to the importance of teaching discipline-pecific content language:


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Sorting with plastic animals.

Looks like a great visual and tactile activity to me

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