ESL Content Teaching: Math


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US Culture: Resoures to Teach About Pi Day


Teach your learners about this cultural observation in the USA with the resources at

Great For Beginning English Students Studying Math: Emoji Math Puzzle Problems


Liven up your lessons with a tool that allows even beginning English learners to be successful in math. Find the tools at 


A Rubric to Score Math Writing in English Class


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English Language Math Corner: Resources and Pre-K-Grade 13 Lesson Plans


Don’t forget to frontload math language concepts, words, and all needed info to your students before the lessons and make sure to add language objectives to your lesson plan. Find the great resources for math lessons in English language here at

Using Gestures in English Lessons



The approach works across a variety of content areas — including story problems in math. In a 2011 study with 97 third- and fourth-graders, kids trained in the method solved 44 percent of math problems versus 33 percent for those in a control group. The trained kids were also much less likely (38 percent versus 61 percent) to mistakenly use irrelevant information in their calculations.

Word problems are notoriously hard for many students. “Kids sort of give up on trying to figure out what the meaning is and go right to playing with the numbers,” Glenberg explains. What the embodied approach does, he says, is help them develop “a sensorimotor representation” of the math problem. It “forces you to imagine the situation and that makes doing the math much easier.”

The same is true in reading. Many kids are able to sound out the text, but don’t actually understand it. This is particularly true of English language learners, Glenberg says. He has been testing the EMBRACE system for such students in the U.S. and in China. In a 2017 study with 93 native Spanish-speaking children in Arizona, he reports a “large positive benefit in story comprehension.” An enhanced version of the system offers some basic support in child’s native language.

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The Math and English Literacy Connection: Did You Know?


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