U.S. Department of Education Launches New English Learner Data Story


Find it at file:///Users/nicholasbroady/Downloads/us-department-education-launches-new-english-learner-data-story%20(1).html


Federal Politics and ESLs


What’s new in the government and how can you learn about it? By reading Bill in Congress Aims to Help ELL Teacher Shortage at https://www.languagemagazine.com/2018/02/07/bill-congress-aims-aid-ells/

Updated Federal Data on English Learners


Find at https://www.languagemagazine.com/2018/01/31/updated-federal-data-english-learners/ about (excerpt):

The Data Story Includes:

  • A state by state chart of the most common non-English languages spoken by ELs, highlighting the more than 400 different languages spoken across the country.
  • A district level map that shows current EL populations, as well as changes in the EL populations over time.
  • Graphics highlighting how likely ELs are to attend schools and districts with high concentrations of other ELs

How Does Immigration Work in the USA? Get the Facts


Find them at https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/how-united-states-immigration-system-works Please share with all those who are unsure how it works.

The National Shortage of ELL Teachers Has Caught the Eye of Congress


Excerpt of the article:

A group of Democrats in Congress has introduced a bill designed to remedy the national shortage of teachers who work with English-language learners.

The Reaching English Learners Act would create a grant program under Title II of the Higher Education Act, the part of the law that governs teacher preparation, to pave the way for colleges and school districts to develop curricula for aspiring ELL teachers.

Read the entire piece at http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/learning-the-language/2018/01/solve_ell_teacher_shortage.html

USA ESL Legislation: House Members Introduce Bill to Combat English Learner Achievement Gap


A much-needed approach to closing the achievement gap. Read more at https://langevin.house.gov/press-release/house-members-introduce-bill-combat-english-learner-achievement-gap

US Department of Education Report: OUR NATION’S ENGLISH LEARNERS What are their characteristics?


Find it at https://www2.ed.gov/datastory/el-characteristics/index.html


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