14 Apps for Telling Stories: Make, Create & Share



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ELT Professionals: New Research App


Teachers and professors: Check out this research app for you and students created by Ben Rawlings with 2 other colleagues and me. It may be a useful tool for teaching your students! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/research-genius/id1139582855?mt=8

USA Poetry


One of my favorite poems:

A True Story Told While Using English Food Idioms



The thing about food idioms, a true story, for ELT & ESL readers:

Remember people telling you there is no such thing as a free lunch? They tell us this is a pie in the sky idea.
Well, I just got evidence to the contrary. I received an e-mail coupon for online ordering for two free dishes from a local restaurant. First I thought they are full of beans!
But I ordered and the apple of my eye picked them up. I have to confess that I usually don’t eat out for lunch because this could eat us out of house and home!
I was hungry as a bear. The wait time as slow as molasses in January.
The food was wonderful and FREE. Unfortunately, it was a very small serving so I ate like a bird.
I am thinking this will be my one lifetime example for a free lunch. So, in a nutshell, eat crow, you nay sayers! I guess,it is worth your salt to check out online offers.
For dessert, I would like a cake and then eat it, too.

The end

What Makes Language Academic Language for English Learners?


Check the purpose for communicating and consider the tools needed to reach the goal.

academic language

A Very Good Poster on Academic Vocabulary for Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


Teaching English: Homonyms


From one of my graduate students:

The game below also includes homophones. It is a very slow website (or it may just be my computer and internet).


Below is a website I found that had tons of resources and games for students



Teaching Resources         :


This link takes you to a hilarious Oatmeal infographic that goes over a few of the homonyms outlined above.  Most of the time the Oatmeal is a little inappropriate, so use with caution!



A huge list of homonyms can be found at this link.  There are also many subsequent links to lessons and activities.



You’ll find lots of games and activities appropriate for elementary-age students at this link.


ELT/ESL: Using Proverbs in a Writing Class


Lesson Plan from TESOL International: http://blog.tesol.org/using-proverbs-in-a-writing-class/#more-3828

Lesson Activity/Craft: -AP Word Activities


Cute crafts for teaching. Find here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/176695985354910147/?fb_ref=389068992716737066%3A30708ec4c8387b215732

10 English Words with the most multiple meanings – Part 1


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10 English Words with the most multiple meanings – Part 1

As an English learner myself, I relate to this list. There are some issue with English that are more difficult to conquer than others…

ESL/ELT: The Many Appearances of the Phrasal Verb “to Get”


Try it out:

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