Linguistics: Why Germans Can Say Things No One Else Can


This video is true.  I miss my precise German words for which I can’t find any good translation in English.  Watch and learn:

About Germans in the USA


About the history of germans in the USA at

Learning German In The Name Of Science And Cross-Cultural Collaboration


A brain-based approach to learning a language in the country where it is spoken.  Read more at

About Being German


More about my own culture with a fun list:   10 Steps To Germanize Yourself at


10 ways to celebrate New Year like a German


Some info on my home country:

Information and Map of German Dialects: Understanding the language of Everything Intellectual


Some info on my own language:  Source:



10 German traditions on New Year’s Eve Germans call New Year’s Eve “Silvester.” Superstitions, customs and party trends: How do people typically celebrate on December 31 in Germany?


My home culture and customs I truly miss in the USA, can be found here:

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