German Language and Attitudes at Work


Languages reveal much about a culture and attitudes. Read more about my heritage culture and language at


Excellent visual of the German School System


From my home country, a great infographic:


German Language Fun Facts


Jiust because this is my own language, I sometimes post fun German stuff here for my German-speaking readers 23 Bilder, die allen Deutsch erklären, die nicht aus Deutschland kommen at

Unique Characteristics of English Learners in Germany


I can totally relate to these German issues. Read more in 10 mistakes English teachers in Germany are sick of hearing at

German and Other Languages: Some Contrasts


Too funny and so true!  Find at

German: The Complex Language


So, I am happy that I learned German as a Native speaker as opposed to acquiring it as a second language.  But, that said, I taught many students in the German language and they did fantastically.  Why?  Because German is PREDICTABLE and follows rules.  Still, it is complex as a grammatical system.  Here are some examples:

Cultural Differences Between USA and Germany: Some Examples


Here are a few examples of soooo many:

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