TESOL Presentation: Gamification for Language Learning


English Lesson Planning For Early Grades: Games


Cute games and activities sorted by categories,  find something for everything!  https://papadeligames.wordpress.com/english/

Research Suggests Students Learn More When Working Together in Virtual Reality Games


ELT Lesson Planning


Read “Gamification: Engaging Students With Narrative” at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/gamification-engaging-students-with-narrative-alice-keeler?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=101415%20enews%20GBL%20ngm%20remainder&utm_content=&utm_term=fea3hed&spMailingID=12673165&spUserID=Mjg5OTU4NjQ2MzkS1&spJobID=640951623&spReportId=NjQwOTUxNjIzS0

for a great connection of gamification and language

Gaming: 3 Important English Language Learning Apps Are Free Today




3 Important English Language Learning Apps Are Free Today

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Teaching Language and Cross-Cultural Communication with Avatars and Robots


The second-best thing to actual trips to a target country and language community:  virtual reality and games.  Excerpt:

Virtual role-play—where learners engage in simulated encounters with artificially intelligent agents that behave and respond in a culturally accurate manner—has been shown to be effective at teaching cross-cultural communication.

“You learn by playing a role in a simulation of some real-life situation,” said W. Lewis Johnson, a former professor at the University of Southern California and co-founder of Alelo Inc., a company that makes cyberlearning tools. “You practice communication with some artificial intelligent interactive characters that will listen and respond to you, depending on what you say and do. It helps develop fluency, but it also helps to develop confidence.”

Read more here: http://phys.org/news/2015-04-language-cross-cultural-avatars-robots.html#jCp


ELT: Video Games in English Foster English Language Development, Study States


Interesting findings from Helsinki, Finland… Read more in “Research: Video games driving English language skills; other languages suffer” at http://yle.fi/uutiset/research_video_games_driving_english_language_skills_other_languages_suffer/7854219

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