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By Diane Staehr Fenner and Sydney Snyder. Find the list at:


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Why and How to Use Technology in Your English Instruction: Do You Have a Plan or Framework?


If not, you may like to read the following resource reblogged from Shelly Terrell at

Excellent Resource For ESL Programs and Dealing With Administrators


A MUST-READ for all ESL teachers and program directors at

School Administrator Approaches to Teaching ELs: It’s All in the Attitude


Looking as ELs as an asset with special skills and gifts is one good approach to frame ESL instruction in a school building. What other ideas do two leaders have? Read more at

Creating a Research-Based Program for ESL


Which programs work and which ones do not? This question is often not asked in district and school ESL programs. All too often, schools resort to pull-out or push-in models, which often result in less than desired achievements in content language and concepts. Read about research on dual language programs and how they can improve English and content skills at

Does English-Language-Learner Classification Help or Hinder Students?


A study answers that it helps them at Excerpt:

Designating early elementary students who are close to being proficient in English as English-language learners can have “significant and positive effects on the academic achievement” of the students, new research concludes.

The study concludes that additional support that students receive as English-learners helps foster higher achievement in language arts and mathematics than students who were on the cusp but were identified as initial English-proficient students—and, as a result, did not receive the extra services.

PD Presentation Corner: Data Driven Decision-Making in ESL Program Administration


Important for all ESL teachers and administrators overseeing ESL programs. Find the presentation at

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