How Lessons Can Fail ELs


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How to support ESL students: Resources


Find great resources here

Why migrants who speak indigenous languages slip through cracks in US schools


The country of origin does not allow us to assume the language someone uses. We need to drill deeper to find out. More here

[White Paper] English Learners: 3 Unique Learner Profiles and Support Strategies


Find info on instructional needs here

Information and Resources WIDA Screener For New Students


WIDA_November 2019

Find more information, resources, and links (excerpt) in the attached document above

The WIDA Screener is an English language proficiency assessment given to incoming students in Grades 1-12 to assist educators with the identification of students as English language learners. WIDA offers the following resources to help educators prepare for back-to-school screener assessments.

  • • State Identification and Placement Guidance
  • • Let’s Get Going: WIDA Screener Online
  • • Technology Readiness Checklist
  • • Let’s Get Going: WIDA Screener Paper
  • • WIDA Screener Paper Score Calculator
  • • WIDA Store

There are also two recorded webinars to give you a jump start.

  • • WIDA Screener Online Recorded Webinar
  • • WIDA Screener Paper Recorded Webinar

English-Learners and Reclassification: Principals Play Pivotal Role, Study Finds


Interesting info here

Retaining English-Language Learners or Not?


It’s not as easy to answer as recent publications suggested. More here

Inclusion & Integration Visual



How Can English Learners Participate?


Are you or your colleagues struggling with the involvement of English learners? Find some ideas here on how to be more effective.

Dual Language Learners Toolkit


Useful tools for schools at

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