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Georgetown College Graduate Education is now offering a fast track to earning an ESL endorsement or Georgetown College ESL emphasis in only one year! We are currently accepting applications. For more information, please contact Mr. Jessee Sandlin, associate director of admission, at (502) 863.7986.


What Programs Does Georgetown College Offer for ESL Teacher Training?


Please open the attached document to review your choicesESL program Model

AYP’s, AMAO’s, and other ESL Acronyms


AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) is calculated by:

The number of EL students making progress
__________________________________________ (divided by)
The total count of EL students (less First Timers and students w/only one year of data)

*** The sufficient total for this is 10 or more ELs in the school testing.

( What happens if the school has less than 10 students?)


Measurable Achievement Objectives:

To meet title III(NCLB, Districts must meet 3 targets:
1)English language proficiency progress

2)English language proficiency
attainment goals. AMAO 2

3)The EL sub population must make AYP:

in reading, math, participation rate,
and THE OTHER academic indicator
under Title I. AMAO 3

The Other Indicator means: This allows KY to demonstrate value for all core content areas as well as nonacademic goals and also to show graduation improvement rate.
**The federal program is focused on math and reading.

Competent ELL Teacher Skills According to Sousa


According to Sousa, a competent ELL teacher will be able to show competency in the following areas:

· Knowledgeof methods for monitoring students’ linguistic and literacy progress.

· Ability to use various types of formal and informal assessment procedures.

· Knowledge of assessment information to make instructional decisions, plan individual student programs, and suggest appropriate learning environments.

· Proficiency in two languages (or the availability of personnel to communicate in students’primary languages).

· Understanding the nature of bilingualism and the process of becoming bilingual

· Understanding structural differences between the child’s primary language and second language.

· Ability to develop curriculum that integrates language content.

· Identify approaches of student’ learning profile.

· Planning strategies to respond positively to the diversity of behaviors involved incross-cultural environments and classrooms.

· Incorporating multicultural activities, materials, and techniques related to content-area curriculum.

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You are going to love this program, it is awesome!!!


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