ESL Corner: Intergenerational Trauma


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Difference Between Support And ‘Toxic Positivity’


Good reading for educators who support students, families, and colleagues

Therapist Explains The Important Difference Between Support And ‘Toxic Positivity’ In One Simple Chart


We need to consider how we support struggling students in the best way. Interesting information here

Assisting Students With Emotional Needs: Teaching Kids Self-Regulation Through Play


Gaming can be of assistance in your classroom. More here

Dogs in the Classroom Improve SEL, Cognitive, and Even Reading Skills


Dogs have such a calming and peaceful effect on humans. We can capitalize on this trait and let the magic work on children. It works for me! Read more here

Teachers Support Social-Emotional Learning, But Say Students in Distress Strain Their Skills


Excellent discussion here

How Traumatized Children See the World, According to Their Drawings


A great reading about several categories of stress and trauma and how it affects children can be found here

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