How Does Trauma Affect Learners?


It is important to recognize how the stress of trauma impacts your classroom learners. Read more in Brains in Pain Cannot Learn! at

What Impact Does the State of US Politics Have on Refugees?


Remembering that refugees already are traumatized by the events that brought them here after undergoing extreme vetting, what does the current state of politics do to refugees?  Read more at

ESL: What About the Affective Aspect in Culturally Responsive Schools?


Read some great reminders here in Decreasing social anxiety for English learner at

How Does Social Isolation Affect Learners?


An interesting piece called  Is Social Pain Real Pain? Research shows that hurt feelings activate the same brain areas as physical pain at  Excerpt:

This shared brain circuitry for social and physical pain has implications for education, work, and relationships. When children are bullied by exclusion and rejection, they are truly in pain. When co-workers frequently exclude colleagues from lunch invitations, it does hurt. Receiving rejection feedback at work, school, or from parents really hurts. Children might medicate by the natural reaction to protect themselves, aggression against attacker. And of course, the aggression might be turned inward and manifest as a mental illness. Some minority groups may find themselves excluded from mainstream society; others may share the same experience as a byproduct or belonging to a low socioeconomic class. And they remain in pain…

The Connection Between Languages and Cultural Emotions


Did you know that there are emotions that are not perceived in groups not using the same language?  I am thinking about the German term “Gemütlichkeit”.  This word describes a state of being that I cannot explain to English speakers.  Here is a great reading about additional languages and emotions in “ThUntranslatablele Emotions You did Never Knew You Had”  at

What Effect Do Trauma and Poverty Have?


Be assured, research has proven that any stress and trauma have effects on the brain. Read more in How childhood stress can knock 20 years off your life at

The Truth About How Emotional Pain Affects Your Body


Something to keep in mind about our learners.  Read more at

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