Bilingual Spanish & English Teaching App for PreSchool and Young Learners


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Great tool for your young learners.  Excerpt:

After a year-long development phase, American Greetings Entertainment and Bilingual Children’s Enterprises (BCE) have launched an interactive bilingual app called Care Bears & Amigos in NYC. 

Developed by BCE, the iOS and Android app teaches preschoolers Spanish and English through videos, 30-plus game and storybooks. It features more than 1,000 words in English and Spanish, as well as early STEM topics and social and emotional learning. The app also allows kids to toggle between Spanish and English content.

BCE is also the creator of Tipitom, a suite of educational apps that aim to close the achievement gap specifically for English-language learners.


App For Young Learners: Fiete Puzzle – Kids Games with Animals


so cute, find at

English and Language Learning: The Super Brains of Toddlers


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Motivating Young Learners


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Setting up Your Young Learner Classroom


Great and practical ideas can be found at 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers at

Young Learners: A Problem-Solving Wheel


Cute visual:  What Can I Do? problem-solving wheel to empower your students! at

Activity for Young Learners


A cute activity for little ones:  Roll and Dot the Letter Alphabet Activity and Printable at

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