Visiting Other Countries? Find Out How to be Polite


Yesterday night, I returned from a trip to China and I had occasion to observe international visitors there. It is always good to reflect upon one’s role in the different culture before arrival.  Read more at


A Cute Reflection on Some Opportunities of Cultural Mess-Ups by New Arrivals in the USA


From personal experience, I could add a ling list to the examples given here.  It  could be funny if the situations were not so close to our personal experiences who felt definitely more shameful than humorous at the time.  Read more in “Learning The Hard Way Why You Just Shouldn’t GetTooClose” at

Looking at the Same and Seeing Something Different: The Limitation of Being Part of One Culture



Resources on Cultural Norm Studies for Diverse Backgrounds


Great resources, excerpt:

Edward Hall’s work on communication norms or the cultural dimensions from Hofstede, Trompenaars, or the GLOBE leadership study. For those unfamiliar with this work, a few places to begin are:


Culture in Diverse Workplaces


Interesting article with good resources for practical considerations in organizations “Is the problem “cultural” or something else?”  at

More on Culture Shock


From one of my favorite blogger resources:

On Culture Shock and Reversed Culture Shock


Who of you lives or has lived in a different culture and experienced both forms of culture shock?  I sure did!  Here are some resources for you from one of my favorite Bloggers:

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