Learning About Your Students’ Cultures ade Easy: A Cultural Atlas


A cool tool for teachers to learn cultural facts about their students at https://culturalatlas.sbs.com.au/intro


English Lesson Activity and Authentic Culture


Find here authentic culture pictures taken in the USA for use in speaking and writing activities. There are great to compare and contrast to the students’ home lives and to authentically use English. You may use them to talk about mealtimes, families, and more. Find the photos at Photographer Shows How Different Dinnertime Looks Across The USA at https://www.boredpanda.com/weeknight-dinners-usa-lois-bielefeld/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=fbad&utm_term=22+&utm_content=weeknight-dinners-usa-lois-bielefeld

US Culture Corner: American Experience: The Pilgrims Collection Lesson Plans for Grades 2-12


Find them at https://ket.pbslearningmedia.org/collection/americanexperiencethepilgrims/?utm_source=PBSEDU&utm_medium=pbsedu,%20stationsocial,%20web&utm_campaign=ss_2017#.WgH-GRNSyis

US Culture Video: The Surprising Origin of Thanksgiving Foods


Use this video in your English lessons. Also on the link, clipart and other resources. Find all here at https://ket.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/thanksgiving-thanksgiving-its-okay-to-be-smart/thanksgiving-thanksgiving-its-okay-to-be-smart/

ELT/EFL Lesson Planning Resource: Teach Authentic US Culture Along with Language.


For my international and US teacher friends: A great song expressing the raw feelings of the hurt racism causes. Great to listen to and to share in your English classes abroad and in with K-12 in the USA!

Cultural Knowledge and Success in Business: The Formula for Success


Business people have known this since trade exists.  We need to have the same attitude in schools. Read “10 tips for negotiating across cultures” at http://www.management-issues.com/opinion/7056/10-tips-for-negotiating-across-cultures/

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Classroom Set-Up


How we set up a classroom has a lot to do with the relationships that form in it and the learning that takes place.  How do you set up your room?  What could we do better?  An article published in by TESOL recently reflects on those issues.  Read “Creating the right classroom environment fit for ELLs” at http://exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/creating-a-classroom-environment-fit-for-ells/education

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